Friday, March 19, 2010

Politically Incorrect Old Movies

I enjoy watching many older movies and one thing I notice is how despite the content restrictions placed on movies prior to the mid-1960s, they often contain political incorrectness that would either get them never made today or would cause people to picket theaters showing them. Today it's acceptable to show dozens of men being graphically killed in action films and show completely gratuitous sex scenes and nudity in any R-rated film. Yet, if you happen to offend one of the myriad victim groups or show something that the elites object to, expect to be badgered by myriad liberal or religious conservative activist groups.

Last night I watched Battle of Britain, a 1969 film. There's a scene where a British pilot is shot down over London and parachutes to safety. A young boy witnesses this, runs into his house, and returns with a box of cigarettes, offering one to the pilot.

If that had been scene had been in a modern movie, the reaction would have been enormous. Various "public health advocates" would have been decrying the fact that the film glamorized smoking. Liberals would rant about Big Tobacco corrupting children. Even the religious right would find something to find offensive (they always do).

Speaking of old movies in the modern era, the 1950s film The Dam Busters is being remade, produced by Peter Jackson. They are running into trouble because the name of the squadron's commander was "nigger." Of course, the studio will probably have the remake be much more violent than the original was, yet they probably won't be able to say the word "nigger."

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