Saturday, March 6, 2010

"It's safer than the United States."

One idea I've found commonly espoused on websites and TV shows related to travel and geography is that many countries in the world are safer to travel to than the United States. I've heard or read most European countries, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Iran, and even Mexico described as such. Many liberals have picked up on this and use these countries as evidence as to why America needs gun control or better social services.

Of course, the real reason why those countries are safer to travel in than the United States is that none of those countries have large urban black populations. When people travel they often visit cities, which in America are filled with blacks. If you go to Tokyo you will find Japanese; if you go to Aleppo you will find Arabs; if you go to Berlin you will find Germans. If you go to a large American city, you will find nice, white enclaves with shopping districts, museums, parks, and tourist attractions surrounded by black ghettos. Note that you'll never hear anyone talking about a non-Arab African country as being safer to travel to than the United States.

As with most things in modern America, the key to understanding why it is less safe to travel in America than it is in many other countries is race.


  1. Chop Mexico off your list. There is a virtual
    civil war now in Mexico between the government
    and the drug cartels that is spreading into the
    US all along the border. It is a big local
    story but not in the MSM. Mexicans, rich and
    poor, are now receiving asylum in the US,
    especially along the border and especially in
    Texas to get away from the Mexican violence.

  2. I recently came back from a trip from Asia and was on a flight from Tokyo with mostly Japanese passengers. We arrived at Chicago-O'hare Airport and the difference between the first world cleanliness and efficiency of Japan against the sub first world appearance of the Chicago airport was so stark that I felt a massive sense of shock and dread upon my returning to the United States. The first thing we were presented with was poorly constructed artwork (I'm assuming by local artists) that lined the corridor as we exited the plane. Then as we turned the corner we were met by three massive Black ghetto females, BUFAs as I call them(Black Urban Fat Asses), complete with long press on nails and intricately horrific hairdos. The three were in conversation, smacking their large mouths as they chewed gum and gabbed their ghetto speak. I looked at my Japanese co-passengers and they all had looks of disgust and disappointment on their faces. Unlike in Japan, where you are promptly and politely greeted, these three "workers" seemed completely disinterested in us, not to mention their jobs.

    We when came past security, there was a rotund Hispanic man, humping the x-ray machine much to the delight of his Black co-workers as they roared with laughter. Why was he doing this? Why was no one reprimanding him for his unprofessional actions? These were questions that would go unanswered, but these were presumably affirmative action hires and I guess that it might be considered "racist" to question their behavior.

    While this is not an example of the crime that you write of, it shows another sobering aspect of America's Black and now growing Hispanic minorities. You can add "More professional and polite" to the list of things that other countries have over the US.

  3. ^
    I have the same experience as you, Sagat. It's always an experience to fly from Tokyo to the US, especially if the destination is Chicago or Washington DC. The Japanese employees operate with a quiet efficiency and treat people with a polite curtness. Washington DC is even worse than Chicago, because 90% of the workers are blacks. It took the black lady around 45 minutes to rebook me a flight, and I couldn't understand what she was saying half the time. Hispanics aren't quite as bad.

    Airport observations are always good fun. At the Beijing International Airport, the signs are in most major languages except for JAPANESE. I'm 99% sure that the Chinese purposely omit Japanese for nationalistic reasons.

    On the airline note, US legacy airlines suck major balls compared to foreign airlines.

  4. On the airline note, US legacy airlines suck major balls compared to foreign airlines.

    I've noticed the same. I wonder if it's because of subsidies to foreign carriers. Turkish Airlines is quite nice.

  5. @border resident: I've heard about the cartel wars and how dangerous Mexico is currently. However, before the cartel wars, I remember reading people on travel websites writing that they Mexico was safer than the United States. I probably should have noted that when I listed Mexico.

    @sagat: I had an experience similar to yours at an urban, black-run Taco Bell recently. Airport employees, however, should conduct themselves much more professionally than a bunch of high-school dropouts at a fast food restaurant. As for the fat Hispanic employee humping the X-ray machine, I have a feeling that one day there will be a picture of an overturned X-ray machine on Failblog...

  6. The U.K. now has a higher crime rate than the U.S. Continental Europe is not far behind.

    The U.S. legacy airlines suck big time, but the ones like Southwest and Jet Blue are very good (probably better than any non-U.S. airline) and the regional airlines (like Alaska and Frontier) are quite good as well. Do realize that the traffic density and flight frequency of the U.S. airlines is several times greater than either Asian or European airlines. Southwest now has the largest fleet of any airline in the world.

    BTW, I think you will have better experiences if you fly into a Pacific Northwest city like Portland or Seattle. San Francisco is not bad either. I agree that the level of service in places like Chicago or the East Coast is horrible.