Monday, September 26, 2011

The Lesson Liberals Should Learn From the Troy Davis Murder

A few days ago, the state of Georgia murdered Troy Davis.  Predictably, liberals and black activists are outraged, blaming America's justice (sic) system, white racism, and law-and-order conservatism.  They are overlooking, perhaps intentionally, the real culprit: big government.

This is what governments do: they give people fancy uniforms, titles, and weapons and let those people kill others without consequence.  Governments are founded upon violence.  Whether it's by starving and working to death people in concentration camps or gulags, by dropping atomic or conventional bombs on cities, or injecting lethal drugs into peoples' bloodstreams, governments have perfected the art of murder.

If liberals want to prevent another murder such that of Troy Davis, instead of wasting their time ranting against White America, they should use their energies to combat the mafia that the sheeple have foolishly given the power to destroy lives.