Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hating the Catholic Church While Loving Islam

If you go to any liberal website, you will find at least one (probably more) article about the revelation that the Vatican protected a molester priest. The Vatican's actions in this case were wrong and what happened to the men when they were teens was horrible, but that is not the reason why they are promoting this story. Plenty of boys and girls are molested by teachers - including female ones - yet liberals pay no attention to that (or they minimize it).

Most of the liberals' articles about this sad case are basically just ways to promote their same old anti-Catholic viewpoints. The Catholic Church is one of the few institutions to oppose abortion, gay marriage, divorce, and supports marriage. According to liberal logic, this church has no place in the post-1960s diversity wonderland that exists today so it must be destroyed. I wouldn't be surprised if liberals eventually try to take the church to court over the fact that women cannot be ordained and find a Christian-hating liberal Jew to rule in their favor. Now, I am not religious, but you don't need to be religious to see that liberals hate the Catholic Church with a passion almost as extreme as their hatred of Sarah Palin.

Contrast this with liberals' views of Islam: they do not criticize it and attack those who do as an Islamophobe, racist, fascist, or the dreaded "wingnut" or claim that by criticizing Islam, they are provoking Muslims. Whenever a liberal actually criticizes Islam, it's always highly watered down and they often spend more time discussing the "oppression" of women in America than they do criticizing the treatment of Muslim women.

The Catholic Church, like it or not, is one of the foundations of Western civilization. Islam has been an enemy of Western civilization since the Muslim armies besieged Byzantine Jerusalem. Since liberals loathe Western civilization, it should be no surprise they love Islam as much as they hate the Catholic Church.

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  1. all true

    as well, a lot of the slackness in the Catholic Church about pedophilia derived from the tsunami of liberalism in the 60's and 70's