Monday, March 1, 2010

Martin Luther King Sainthood

I don't think my motherboard has a slot for DERAM...

Every January we are treated to the spectacle of white Americans of every political alignment, social class, and geographic region trying to outdo each other in praising "Dr." Martin Luther King, Jr. I put "Dr." in quotation marks because Martin Luther King plagiarized his doctoral dissertation. In addition to being a plagiarist, MLK was also a communist and an adulterer, although you'll never hear this from the lamestream conservatives telling you MLK was a conservative due to his "content of their character" remark.

I wonder why Martin Luther King has not been canonized yet. It would make sense in this Age of Obama. The only question is: which church will be the first to do so?


  1. LOL DERAM!!! I'm guessing that wasn't really part of MLK's "dream". His worst nightmare, more like it.

    At my SWPL high school, instead of getting a day off of school like most kids, we had to go to the MLK parade instead! Woohoo!

  2. Well, I suppose MLK jr. was supposed to represent some ideal of civil rights. But the reality has been since his era that the USA has seen a marked decline in civil rights. Obviously, we have had the imposition of state sponsored discrimination in the form of affirmative action, busing, ad nauseam. Plus we have had the war on drugs and the Patriot Act and the rise of the prison-industrial complex. All Americans can vote, but most do not. We are seeing the self-destruction of citizenship in many ways, such as the opening of the borders to mass illegal immigration. Insofar as MLK got the ball rolling back in the 1950s-60s, he is indeed a hero to the elites who have promoted these agendas.