Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Everything is Discrimination

When I read liberals/feminists complaining about "appearance discrimination" and supporting laws banning its practice in employment, I really should not have been surprised.  Anything liberals dislike is discriminatory in some way.

This article from Feministing is an excellent example.  Under US law, foreign organizations that the federal government provides anti-AIDS funding must oppose prostitution and sex-work.  Now, feminists and sex worker advocates are complaining that this is discriminatory against prostitutes.
On Tuesday, July 20th, NSWP organized sex workers and allies to disrupt a speech by United States Global AIDS Coordinator Dr. Eric Goosby to demand justice for sex workers harmed by PEPFAR’s discriminatory anti-prostitution loyalty oath.

To be fair, it's not just liberals who are at fault for their incessant use of "discrimination."  Conservatives who care more about ending racism and sexism than limiting government are the prime reason that liberals get away with this.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

How Old Am I?

I'm curious to see how old my readership thinks I am.  If you'd like to venture a guess, post it in the comments.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Appearance Discrimination

If you thought liberals whine too much about racism and sexism and think concepts such as ableism, ageism, and sizeism are ludicrous, take a look at what is soon to be the new liberal -ism: lookism.

This article, written by career feminist Lindsay Beyerstein, is over a month old and was written shortly after the Deborahlee Lorenzana story came to light, but it is nonetheless an important look into the worldview of liberal women.
In her provocative new book,The Beauty Bias: The Injustice of Appearance in Law and Life, Stanford law professor Deborah Rhode argues that workers deserve legal protection against appearance-based discrimination unless their looks are directly relevant to their job performance. [...]
Considering that leftists rant about racism, sexism, heteronormativity, cisgendierism, ableism, classism, ageism, and sizism I am not surprised that some feminist law professor wants to ban "lookism."  In case anyone's curious, this is what the anti-lookist professor looks like.
It should go without saying that discrimination on the basis of appearance is unjust, especially when it comes to features individuals have little or no control over.
Actually, it should not go without saying. Only a liberal woman could write such an ignorant statement. Does she realize that, barring an odd fetish, even the most feminized, beta, herb liberal mangina still would have a much more positive reaction to a 9 model than he would an obese 2?  If discriminating on the basis of appearance is unjust, then as physical appearances tend to be very important to men when selecting a mate, most men are unjust.

She is incorrect when she claims that people have little or no control over their appearances. They can become fat if they are sedentary and eat too much. They can stay fit if they exercise and eat right. They can become muscular if they lift weights (among other things).

Aside from exercising, there are plenty of ways to change your appearance. Buying new clothing can enhance your appearance. Hair dye gives you a new hair color.  Make-up improves womens' faces (and mens' in some cultures). Fair women can tan. Dark women can use skin lightener.

Prior to feminism's triumph, women did a lot of things to improve their appearances. They took care of themselves; they wore make-up when going out; they wore skirts, dresses, and jackets; they wore feminine hats; they wore stockings; etc. It's only up until recently in Western history that women have taken to not caring about their appearances.

Also, it doesn't take that much work to avoid becoming obese. I'm a computer nerd, a member of a group not known for physical prowess, yet I exercise daily. It really is not very hard.
Rhode does a good job of spelling out why such bias is offensive to human dignity and equal opportunity. [...]
Equal opportunity sounds nice on paper, but in reality it doesn't work. Everyone is not equal. Some people are stronger, smarter, faster, smaller, larger, more dominant, or more attractive than others. No amount of liberal social engineering and legislation can change this.
The increasing prevalence of obesity in America has done nothing to curb virulent prejudice against fat people. Ironically, immobilizing obesity is protected as a disability, but discrimination based purely on cosmetic aversion to fat is totally legal.
It is perfectly legal because most people, even liberal manginas, think women who look like they could wrestle a bear and win are disgusting.
In one study, 43 percent of overweight women reported feeling stigmatized by their employers.
As they should be. If the remaining stigmas against fat were destroyed, most women in America would probably become lard buckets.  Most men would too, for that matter.
Obese women earn 12 percent less than their thinner counterparts with comparable qualifications. Obese women are more likely to live in poverty, even after controlling for other factors.
So, why shouldn't women who take care of themselves be rewarded? Obesity is largely a result of lack of self control and absence of willpower. People with no self-control are more likely to waste their money, so it is obvious that they will be more likely to end up in poverty.

Her most egregious assault on reality comes with this statement:
Rhode notes that beauty bias also exacerbates and perpetuates other kinds of discrimination. Female workers are held to more elaborate grooming standards than their male counterparts. [...]
What universe is she living in? At every level, men are held to higher grooming standards than women. Many lower-class retail/service jobs prohibit men from having long hair, whereas I've never heard of any employer prohibiting short, dykish haircuts on women.

Workplace appearance standards in general are stricter regarding men than women. Ties are often required in service industry jobs, yet they are not for women (this is not considered discrimination by the government, although it's a guarantee that the reverse would be).  Many workplaces specify attire for men, but allow women to basically wear anything except jeans.  In workplaces requring professional dress, the men will be covered from the neck down with jackets, ties, slacks, button-down shirts, close-toed shoes, and socks, while women can get away with wearing sleeveless shirts, garments that are essentially T-shirts, no jackets, skirts with bare legs, and sandals.
There's a lot of overlap between appearance discrimination and racism. Some have speculated that coworkers perceived Lorenzana in a more sexualized way because she's Latina. Stereotypically Anglo-European features like smooth hair, slim hips, and pert noses loom large in our prevailing beauty ideals.
Is there anything liberals dislike that is not racist?  And what is "Anglo-European"? I've never heard that word before. Is that a term referring to English people residing on the Continent?
There's a class component in beauty bias, too. A gleaming smile engineered by an orthodontist is a badge of membership in the middle class. As we all know, poverty increases the risk of obesity.
So not only is appearance discrimination racist, but it's classist, too!  It's like a discrimination doubleheader.

Also, poverty doesn't increase the risk of obesity.  Ultimately, low IQ causes both since people with low IQs are likely to have low time preferences and poor decision-making skills.  Not that I'd expect a liberal feminist to acknowledge that.
Rhode acknowledges that the law can only do so much to mitigate the effects of such deep-seated prejudices, but she argues that the enormity of the problem is no excuse for inaction. Sexism, racism and homophobia are certainly ingrained, but that doesn't mean that the law is powerless against them. As segregationists said in the era of Brown, you can't legally force people not to be bigots. On the other hand, when you discourage people from acting like bigots, tolerance can become a habit.
So because the War Against Racism has gone very well, we should extend it to battling the evils of appearance discrimination.  Fifty years ago, blacks and whites went to separate schools, lived in separate neighborhoods, and worshiped at separate churches.  Today, it's the same, if not worse since in the 1950s most blacks weren't born to single women.  A War Against Appearance Discrimination would be even more ineffective, since it would be difficult to prevent someone from having a visceral reaction upon seeing a bloated, obsese colossus or a woman who got smacked with an ugly stick.

Most people with racist views like myself are not biologically hardwired to view blacks as prone to crime or to view Asians as excelling in school (remember, even positive stereotypes are bad!).  These views come from statistical evidence and personal experience.  However, as Beyerstein notes in her article, even infants have a more positive reaction to people with attractive faces.  Appearance discrimination is part of our biology.

Even after a couple decades of brainwashing schoolchildren with "body acceptance" propaganda, it still exists.  Feminists will be unable to eradicate it from our society, no matter how much they try.  All they will do is attack another aspect of freedom of association and thrust upon us another destructive bureaucracy.

In modern America, it is unacceptable to hold women to any form of standards related to sexuality, including appearance.  Combined with the elite's veneration of equality no matter how absurd and laws against appearance discrimination are the natural consequence.

However, I think there's a more personal motive in Beyerstein's article on appearance discrimination.  She's the blond in the picture below.

Upcoming Posts

My posting has been sparse recently.  I've been working on several posts to make up for it, which I will finish and post soon.  Topics I intend to cover include:

-Apperance discrimination laws.
-How the education system beta-izes boys.
-Why conservative Europhobia is misguided and aspects in which Europe is better than America.

Somewhere in the near future, I'm going to be writing another post about the double standard regarding female violence in the media (I originally intended to do so a month ago as a response to this article, but will wait until after the Angelina Jolie grrrl power movie Salt comes out) and one about women in video games and fantasy fiction (inspired by Ferdinand's post).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

White Music

I hate most modern music.  It consists of ghetto blacks and negrified whites talking about committing perverted sex acts, going to "da club," and abusing creative drugs.  When I'm in the car I listen to the local rock station, but their music is too white trash for me and ultimately much rock music is black music.  When I'm at home, I listen to folk rock and metal.  I especially like symphonic metal.  It's quite refreshing compared to the jetsam radio stations toss out.

Unfortunately, most whites would rather give their money to blacks, wiggers, and Jews rather than their own people and they would rather listen to a Negro guttersnipe chant about "supersoak(ing) dat ho" than songs rich in their own history.

Below are some of the songs and bands that I am fond of.  They are mostly by European bands, since apparently that's how far you have to go to avoid ghetto black influence.

Unless you are a linguist you won't understand the lyrics - this band often sings in Gaulish.  Eluveitie is a Swiss folk metal band that plays with not only modern instruments, but also traditional Celtic instruments.

Here's another song from Eluveitie, albeit in English.  This has the screaming vocals common in death metal.  But you can also hear the traditional instruments pretty well.

If you don't like the primeval vocals, here's an instrumental version of one of their songs.

Here's a Swedish folk metal band called Asynja. Their songs are usually about Norse mythology.

They also have explicitly white nationalist songs, such as this one.

Here's one by the Swedish band Ultima Thule. It's an interesting rendition of the Civil War song, When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

Speaking of When Johnny Comes Marching Home, here's an instrumental version. Of course, since there are no lyrics it could also be For Bales.

I'm generally not a fan of country music, but I'll make an exception for Johnny Cash. Here's him singing Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Here's a rock version of it by the Outlaws.

Moving back to metal, this is from the gothic metal band Sirenia.

Some symphonic metal from the Finnish band Nightwish.

Here's another song by the same band.

Yet another. The female vocals are nice to listen to once you get tired of listening to death metal screams.

Here's their cover of The Phantom of the Opera.

This is a song about Valkyries by the Finnish band Amberian Dawn.

The songs above are examples of what happens when music is created by those on the right half of the bell curve rather than by the flotsam of society.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Roissy's Dating Market Value Test

Dr. Helen wrote about Roissy's Dating Market Value Test For Women and her score, so I decided to take Roissy's test for men and it revealed (unsurprisingly) that I am a "classic beta."

Has anyone else taken one of Roissy's Dating Market Value Tests? If so, what did you score?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Tea Party Movement is Worthless

After the NAACP condemned "elements" of the Tea Party movement as racist, a Tea Party activist named Mark Williams wrote a hilarious letter mocking the NAACP and black political views in general (read the text here). Predictably, the Tea Party leaders are upset about this and expelled his group from the National Tea Party Federation.

Despite his expulsion, liberals and blacks will continue to call the Tea Party racist. Anyone who disagrees with blacks and wants to take their goodies away will be labeled a racist. They do so because they understand that whites are afraid of being called a racist and will do everything they can to avoid being called one.

Until the Tea Party movement becomes unfazed when it is called racist, it will accomplish nothing. A Tea Party movement that panders to blacks makes about as much sense as a Sinn Fein that wants to establish the Anglican church or a Geert Wilders who supports Islamic immigration.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Questions for Liberal Men and Male Feminists

Every so often I get comments on this blog from liberal men, so if any of you are reading this post, I have a few questions for you:

Have you ever been slapped, hit, punched, kicked, or otherwise physically abused by a girlfriend, wife, or other close female?

If so, what was your reaction (i.e. walked away, apologized to her, slapped her back)?

Did she suffer any consequences for her behavior (i.e. she was arrested for DV, you left her)?

I doubt any will answer, but hopefully some do as I'm genuinely interested in responses.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mel Gibson is a Race Realist

Mel Gibson was in an argument with his Russian ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and told her "You look like a fucking pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault."

Naturally, he accused of being a racist and misogynist. He's a misogynist because he dared to argue with a woman and criticize her appearance and behavior, something that men are not allowed to do in gynocentric America. He also warned her that she is not blameless for anything that might happen to her due to her actions. That is also forbidden in gynocentric America, since women should be able to do anything without facing any possible consequences.

If the smug liberal media and gossip columnists would consult the United States Department of Justice's study, Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2007, they would find that his racism is quite logical. In 2007, there were at least 14,093 white women raped by black men (I write "at least" because in 13.1% of rapes of white women, the race of the rapist was unknown or not available). The same year, between zero and ten black women were raped by white men. The 2007 survey does not list percentages of victims of gang rape by race, but does for offenders. There were approximately 8310 gang rapes in 2007 and 2/3 were committed by blacks, although the sample size for gang rape was less than 10. Oksana's chances of getting raped by a pack of men are low, but if it does happen, chances are that pack will indeed consist of, as Mel would say, "niggers."

Yes, he used the word "nigger." But he wasn't giving a public speech, this was a private conversation that was recorded. Furthermore, blacks appear to not find the word itself offensive, as they use "nigger" as a autonym and it makes up a substantial portion of the average Ebonics speaker's word choice. It just offends them when whites utter the word. It's a way for blacks to hold power over whites by making an entire word forbidden to our people, while they may use it freely.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another White Knight Gets Himself Hurt

A few months ago, feminists were upset over an ABC News experiment that sought to see whether people would intervene in domestic violence cases, as it was revealed that people were more likely to help non-slutty women. What the feminists overlooked is that there are many good reasons to not intervene in a domestic violence situation. First, women commit domestic violence about as often as men (yes, "ladies," slapping your boyfriend counts as domestic violence), so if someone intervenes and helps the woman, they might actually be helping the abuser. Second, many women return to or otherwise support their abusers, as long as they possess sufficient alphaness, so intervening could be utterly fruitless.

Finally, intervening in a domestic violence incident involving strangers can be physically dangerous. You might be arrested by the police, as Rob Chilson of Trenton, NJ, was when he intervened when a man hit is ex-wife after she slapped him (apparently he wasn't bothered by her slapping her ex-husband). Or you might be beaten by the man you attempt to stop and end up hospitalized, as Matthew Leone was a few days ago. Leone is the bassist in an alternative rock band and had a Wikipedia page even before this incident. I wonder if he'll be able to continue his career missing a third of his skull.

He's a certified white knight, as his brother Nathan told the reporter:
He walked about half way there and witnessed a guy beating on his wife. Where we come from, violence against women is absolutely disgusting,
I don't have much sympathy for Leone. It's clear he was a deluded white knight who thought he was doing his chivalrous duty by saving the fair maiden from the evildoer. Instead, the woman will probably end up standing by her man and all Leone will get out of it is brain surgery.

(H/T: Vox Day)

Friday, July 2, 2010

White Men Are Responsible For America's Gun Problems

Predictably, liberal bloggers have reacted to McDonald v. Chicago with an array of ignorant, poorly written screeds. There are good reasons to be skeptical of McDonald, but the liberal reaction generally involves bashing white men and gun culture. The article below is a good example. It was written by Mark Karlin, the editor of BuzzFlash, a socialist progressive website.
If you think the 5-4 partisan hack decision denying the City of Chicago the right to ban handguns is about guns, you're wrong.
Governments do not have rights. They exist to protect rights that people have.

(It's the same 5-4 GOP block -- with some face changes -- that put Bush in the White House and bestowed Corporate Personhood in the Citizens United Case, in short a radical right activist majority of judges.)
True, there have been a few decisions such as Bush v. Gore that appear to be conservative judicial activism, but the number of liberal judicial activist cases dwarfs the number of conservative ones by a couple orders of magnitude.

It's about white males in America feeling threatened by becoming a minority and the gun is their last psychological reassurance of entitlement power against an encroaching demographic change in our democracy.
Two paragraphs in, Mark Karlin reveals himself to be a self-hating mangina. That's pretty awful, considering that most liberal white men are capable of doing so in the first paragraph.

Liberals love to psychoanalyze everything and accuse conservatives of being mentally ill. Has it ever occurred to them that maybe they are the ones who are mentally ill?

Also, why would white males be threatened by becoming a minority? We already are only about 33% of the population of the United States.
After all, the City of Chicago allows citizens to own rifles, so there never was a ban on guns in Chicago; there was a ban on a certain type of gun, which didn't even exist at the time the Constitution was written.
Chicago banned handguns, which were invented long before any of the Founding Fathers were even born. Pistols were used by cavalry since at least the 1500s. Gun grabbers are generally ignorant of guns and Ms. Karlin proves herself to be no exception.

But it is the handgun that makes so many white males feel impregnable, as if they were riding around with a turret gun in a Hummer.
I don't think she knows what the word "impregnable" means. Guns don't make you impregnable, body armor does (not against all rounds, though).

It's a vestige of the Confederacy; "I'm a white man and that allows me to do whatever I want and get away with it, so don't mess with me."

In addition to being ignorant of firearm history, she is also ignorant of American history. Gun ownership is not a vestige of the Confederacy. The Confederacy existed roughly seventy years after the Second Amendment was put into effect.

It's not about the Constitution; it's about a hormonal psychology under siege.

No, "hormonal psychology under siege" is when a forty-year old woman decides to stop chasing alphas and get married, only to discover that the men her age who would make good husbands are sleeping with 20-year olds. Gun ownership is about self-defense, freedom from tyranny, and just having fun.

Meanwhile, the presence of handguns in America causes more deaths than our wars -- and few politicians or corporate media will do anything but giving passing note to the carnage.
The reason why American cities are violent is not due to guns, it is due to the fact that they are filled with blacks and Mexicans, who commit disproportionate amounts of crime compared to whites and Asians.
Why? Because the white male is still too big of a voter block to psychologically "mess with." Even Harry Reid, the Democractic Majority Leader in the Senate, sent out a news release applauding the Supreme Court for overturning the ban on handguns in Chicago and "upholding the 2nd Amendment."
In 1993, the Democratic-controlled Congress passed the Brady Bill. In September 1994, the Democrats passed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. The next month, in part due to their enthusiastic support for gun control, the Republicans took control of the House, the Senate, and a majority of state legislatures. Harry Reid, despite his flaws, is not stupid. He realizes that if the Democrats go on the offensive against guns in an election year, they will suffer losses at the ballot box as a result. And it's not just white men who would vote against the Democrats. While unmarried women vote Democratic, married white women tend to vote Republican.

As America becomes more diverse in race and religion, the white male psyche becomes more frantic in need of "firearms reassurance."

Despite her anti-white misandry, Ms. Karlin does have a point. As America becomes blacker and browner, crime will increase and there is the real possibility that eventually some blacks and mestizos might decide to "cut down the tall trees." Widespread gun ownership among whites would deter that.

And the death toll mounts as a result.

She is correct again. As America diversifies, the death toll will indeed mount. "Diversity + proximity = war." Not to mention the fact that the people who are diversifying America have a higher propensity for crime and violence than the people of pre-diverse America.
BuzzFlash doesn't think Jesus would walk around shoulder holstered and locked and loaded. The Supreme Court has just changed one of our nation's mottos from "In God We Trust" to "In Guns We Trust."
It's perfectly sensible to trust in guns more than God. As Napoleon noted, "God fights on the side with the best artillery."

Also, I think it's hilarious that liberals disdainfully bash Christianity and refer to Christian conservatives as "Christofascists," yet they have no problem using Jesus to promote liberalism.