Friday, January 22, 2016

I'm Done With This Blog - 1488

I started this blog nearly six years ago.  Back then I was a blue-pill libertarian.  I was so stupid.

I took the red pill and became a white nationalist.  Economically speaking, I believe that capitalism is better than socialism.  But let's be realistic, most capitalists are Jews and liberals.  Fuck them.  I hope Bernie Sanders raises their taxes to kingdom come if he is elected.  I hope Donald Trump does the same.  I'm sick of being a shill for the ruling caste.  They hate people like me.  They hate people like you.  Working-class and middle-class whites are their enemies.  They import illegals to do their literal dirty work.  They tweet #BlackLivesMatter, which means they want to unleash Negro criminals upon us, while they live safely among their all-white bastions.  They wear $40,000 dresses to the Oscars while telling us we should give more of our hard earned tax dollars to nonwhites spewing out bastard children.

"The capitalists will sell them the rope we will hang them by."  It's not a saying.  It already happened.  The capitalists sold the third world invaders the rope.  We control the trap door.

I'm done being a libertarian.

Some libertarians are great.  Murray Rothbard was one.  But modern libertarians are basically Cuckservatives who support legalizing drugs.  Fuck them.

Maybe the day will come when I can support libertarianism, but right now I can't.


Trump/Putin 2016.

The Dark Side is fun.  Come join us.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Repost: Blacks Ruin Everything

My most popular blog post has, by far, been my April 11, 2010 post entitled: "Blacks Ruin Everything."  The post was inspired by an incident when gangs of Negro "yoofs" ran amok (I apologize to any Malay or other southeast Asian readers for using the word "amok" when describing native blacks, I was not meaning to compare normal Negro American practices to a mental illness in your community) in an upscale restaurant/shopping district in Kansas City known as the Country Club Plaza.  Since then, Negro youths have run amok (once again, I apologize to any southeast Asians reading this, but I believe "amok" is the only English term that can adequately describe these "yoof"'s behavior) many times, most recently last February.

As of right now, it has over 90 comments, more than 10x any other post I've created.  Most of them are anonymous comments.  It's amazing how white Americans are candid about race when they don't have to worry about their employers, professors, Negros, mestizos, liberals, Marxists, race traitors, Jews, and other malcontents judging them.

Here, I repost my most popular post in all of its glory and infamy:

"Kansas City Police were busy on Saturday night after massive crowds took over the Plaza. Some people compared the wild scene to rioting in downtown L.A."
Whenever large numbers of young blacks gather together, whether it is in South Africa, New Orleans, Congo, Chicago, or Paris, chaos, destruction, and violence are sure to follow due to their low average IQ and different social order. Whether it is a rap "concert," basketball game, track-and-field event, a movie, or just a Saturday night in a shopping district, anything that attracts blacks will attract trouble.

In Kansas City, Missouri, the Country Club Plaza is an upscale outdoor shopping center encompassing a few city blocks. It has a number of restaurants and stores, all of which are relatively pricey and attract large numbers of suburban whites, usually from Johnson County, Kansas. Unfortunately, it is on the northern end of an oasis in a typical urban wasteland. If you go to the west you will find the bar district of Westport (which is relatively safe because it attracts mostly whites), if you go south you will find expensive homes and yuppie neighborhoods. If you go southeast you will find the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Rockhurst University. However, to the north and east are black ghettos.

Due to private security and police, the Plaza had managed to remain relatively safe from black wildings that have plauged so many other locales around the United States. Until now.

On Saturday night, hundreds of Negro "youths" went rampaging like a bachelor herd of wildebeests. Between 500 and 1000 Negroes swarmed the Plaza, damaging property, attacking actual shoppers, harassing motorists by banging on windows and jumping in front of cars, firing off guns or fireworks, breaking store windows, robbing people, seriously injuring at least one person, and fighting amongst themselves. The police had to block of roads and unleash pepper spray on these clowders of chaos. Naturally, the liberal media referred to the Negroes as "youths" without detailing their race, but non-establishment sources revealed that they were black (as most people who read the MSM stories probably suspected).

Many whites in the Kansas City metropolitan area are leary of the Plaza as a result of this and if another wilding occurs, the Plaza will die. It might even die as a result of this one. The fact that it occurred on a prom night when many suburban white kids were eating at the Plaza restaurants will make the damage much worse - many suburban parents will avoid the Plaza and ban their children from going there after this. Suburban whites in general will soon realize that the Plaza is no longer safe and will retreat to their suburban entertainment centers, leaving the Plaza to rot just as Bannister Mall did years ago for the same reason. Naturally, Negro leaders will whine about how racist whites are because they don't want to share the Plaza with blacks, just as they did when Bannister Mall failed. Of course, if the Plaza was saved by allowing the police and security to kick out miscreants or prevent them from entering, the Negroes would object to that as racist, too.

Segregation is reviled by most people today, but was segregation really bad compared to the black kleptocracy that we have now? The fact is, segregation existed (and not only in the South) prior to the 1960s because whites understood the fact that crime, chaos, and violence follow blacks. A wilding like this would never have happened in Kansas City in the 1960s and before - during the MLK riots, for example, suburban police blocked off entrances to the suburbs and prevented blacks from entering. Back then it was understood who the troublemakers were and how to stop them.

Businesses should be allowed to ban Negro youths and the police should not be restrained from blocking them from entering white areas to prevent wildings like this from occurring. Some may say that this would be a "police state" and no one can suggest this and still call himself a libertarian. The problem is, libertarianism works if there is a population of people who respect others' rights to life, liberty, and property. Blacks, however, do not. Libertarianism will not work in places with large black populations where the "youths" spend their time ruining everyone else's lives.

(Heh. I bet this post will cause me to be delinked from a few blogs. Also, if anyone objects to me using the word "Negro" in this post, go complain to the United Negro College Fund while you're at it.)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm Back

Four and a half years ago I started this blog.  Three years ago I basically abandoned it.  It's kind of a shame.  I was active in the alt-right blogosphere (do people still use the term alt-right?) and paid attention to the PUA, libertarian, WN, and MRA blogospheres.

Half of the blogs I used to comment on, link to, were linked from, and were commented on by are now gone.  I used to visit OneSTDV, Guy White, and Inmalafide multiple times a day to view their new posts and engage in debates with the commenters.  Now they are gone.

Fun story: I went to a weekend long party hosted by an old friend of mine a while back.  While I was there, I met a man who espoused certain right-wing views that caused me to believe he had taken the red pill.  This was confirmed when we conversed about paleocon/libertarian economic, political, and racial views and even touched on PUA Game (both of us were interested in the science behind it but disagree with the ultimate aims of it).  I mentioned that I had an alt-right blog.  He asked which one but I said I prefer to stay anonymous.  He asked if I was Guy White or Ferdinand Bardamu.  Of course, I said no.  But I was amused.

Our conversation brought me back to better times, to what I consider the Golden Age of the alt-right blogosphere.  The period of time in 2010-2011, when libertarians, paleoconservatives, PUAs, MRAs, anti-statists, and WNs collaborated together in opposing the current regime of socialism, interventionism, statism, and feminism

Sadly, on the first day of July in 2014, it appears everyone has gone their separate ways.

Our common enemies grow stronger.

Post-script: My most popular posting is my "Blacks Ruin Everything," originally posted on April 11, 2010.  Four years later I'm still approving comments for it.  Ironically, it currently has 88 comments.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to Pick Up a Waitress

In both the manosphere and real life, I've heard of men trying desperately to sleep with a waitress they met at a restaurant or bar.  I've worked in the service industry for several years, so for those who you who want to sleep with the waitress who served you a burger or rum and Coke, here's my advice on how to sleep with them:

Get a job as a server, bartender, barback, host, or busser, and hook up with girl(s) you work with.

No, seriously.  If you are a customer, you have no chance of sleeping with a female server or bartender.

Yes, the cute, young, blonde server or bartender may be giving you so-called "indications of interest," but these are almost certainly false and meant to encourage you to tip more.  The average restaurant or bar, after 9:00, is filled with couples and a 5:1 single male to female ratio.  The women who serve you food and drink flirt with you, yes, but they do so in order to turn a 15% tip into a 50% tip.

In my years in the restaurant/bar industry, I have never once met a female bartender or server who has slept with a customer.  But, I've known dozens who have slept with their coworkers

Yes, what I'm saying is that even though your cute server may act flirty with you, once you tab out and leave her $10 on a $20 tab, she'll end up going home with the 16 year old busboy before she goes home with you.

I've also noticed that male servers and bartenders are much more likely to sleep with customers.  I remember at one place I worked, the managers assigned a male to work cocktail on a weekend night.  He ended up netting several numbers.  Most male servers and (especially) bartenders I've known have slept with customers, but as I've mentioned, I've never met a female server or bartender who has.  When female servers get numbers on credit card receipts, they pocket the tip and throw away the number, but if a guy gets a nice tip and number from a cute girl, he will keep both.

So, wannabe PUAs, if you want to add a waitress to your belt notch count, instead of wasting money at a bar and tipping your waitress 50%+ in hopes that she will reward you with a number, get a job at a bar or restaurant.  You'll end up having a lot more success.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Lesson Liberals Should Learn From the Troy Davis Murder

A few days ago, the state of Georgia murdered Troy Davis.  Predictably, liberals and black activists are outraged, blaming America's justice (sic) system, white racism, and law-and-order conservatism.  They are overlooking, perhaps intentionally, the real culprit: big government.

This is what governments do: they give people fancy uniforms, titles, and weapons and let those people kill others without consequence.  Governments are founded upon violence.  Whether it's by starving and working to death people in concentration camps or gulags, by dropping atomic or conventional bombs on cities, or injecting lethal drugs into peoples' bloodstreams, governments have perfected the art of murder.

If liberals want to prevent another murder such that of Troy Davis, instead of wasting their time ranting against White America, they should use their energies to combat the mafia that the sheeple have foolishly given the power to destroy lives.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wherein I Try Game for the First Time

I've been reading Game sites for about a year and a half, at first not for the Game advice and tips, but for their anti-feminist and gender realist content.  Yet, I've never really tried to use Game.  I have three major problems:

1) I'm an ex-shut-in.  I spent college playing video games instead of engaging in social interaction and making friends.  Indeed, whenever people would try to befriend me I would decline their friendships and when girls would express interest in me I would ignore it.  In the last year I've been becoming much more social, but I still suffer from aftereffects of my wasted past.

2) I don't meet enough girls in the course of my daily life.  I'm out of college.  Gaming girls at work would be a bad idea for several reasons.  As I'm a former shut-in, most of my friends are male and they are mostly nerds, meaning their friends are mostly male nerds, too.  I go to bars occasionally, but the problem is I don't have any good drinking buddies.  Only two of my friends go out to bars and such.  One lives too far away to be a regular drinking buddy.  The other is a drunkard who has cockblocked me in the past.

3) I suffer from approach anxiety.  It's not that I'm too scared to approach random girls, it's that I can never think of any good openers (although I've heard that even "Hi" can make a decent opener since most AFCs are too cowardly to do even that).  If I have a reason to approach them other than the fact that they are a cute girl at a bar, I'm fine.

Anyways, I was getting some late-night food with a friend last night when we ran into an old friend of his who was planning on going out to a nearby bar later.  We ended up joining him.

My friend is very charismatic, but doesn't go after women.  He's divorced with custody of his children and he doesn't drink, although he DDs a lot for his friends.  My friend's friend was a gay guy, so he was outgoing and friendly.

The gay guy is a regular at the bar, so he knew everyone, including all the girls.  One of his female friends accompanied us outside and soon another gay guy showed up.  She was cute, blonde, somewhat skinny, and looked about 5 to 10 years older than me.  The girl was friendly towards me, but I didn't talk to her much.  They gay guys were the center of the conversation.  I definitely should've talked more.  My friend and the gay guy were talking a lot, so I should've engaged the girl in conversation.

We left that bar to go to another one and by this time both her and I were varying degrees of intoxicated.  We talked a lot more a this bar and it was soon clear she was interested.  I've read about negging countless times, but I always thought it seemed like a douchebag thing to do.  I gave it a try and found it to be very effective.

At one point, she got really angry at me over a remark I made about straight girls at gay clubs.  In retrospect, this may have been a shit test.  My beta instincts were to apologize to her, but I managed to shake them off and passed with a mixture of redirection and humor.

 I have no memory of most of the details of what happened at the second bar, but she ended up unbuttoning two of my shirt's buttons in a very flirtatious manner.  Here's the weird part.  I remember this event and her walking away, but I have no recollection what occurred in between - probably due to the alcohol.  I was pretty drunk at this point.  My friend says that she walked away to go the restroom, I was drunk and mistakenly thought I'd been rejected, and became a douchebag for the rest of the night.

I'm still irked at myself about my failure, but I did better than I expected I would.  And I learned that if I'm trying to pick up a girl at a bar, I should limit the number of drinks I have (I had a pitcher of beer, a shot, and a mixed drink).  Also, she said I have "pretty eyes."  Every girl who has expressed romantic/sexual interest in me has said that to me soon after meeting me.  I should find some way to take advantage of this.

 Hopefully I'll have another chance to practice Game soon.  The problem, like I mentioned before, is that I don't have very many friends who like to go out and going to bars alone doesn't sound like fun.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keep the Change

During the Bush administration, liberals (rightly) claimed that Bush was waging an illegal war in Iraq.  In 2008, Obama campaigned on the promise of bringing change to Washington.  Gullible white liberals and moderates bought it up and sent him to the White House, where he is now waging a war in a foreign country and claiming he doesn't need the authorization of Congress.  So much for change.