Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why I Never Watch TV

When I'm at home I rarely, if ever, watch TV.  Sometimes when I'm at friends' houses it can't be helped and when I catch something on TV, as I did today, my preference for Internet media is further strengthened.

Today, the last American combat troops exited Iraq.  Instead of reporting this, the news programs I overheard informed viewers of house fires, pro-football training, and the fact that Ke$ha is wandering around New York City wearing a tiger mask.

And yet, the elites wonder why Old Media is dying.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There is No Sanctity of Marriage to Preserve

No, I have not abandoned this blog.  I just lost interest in blogging for a while.  I intend to post regularly from now on.

A week ago, a federal judge struck down California's Prop 8.  The subsequent conservative reaction to gay judge Vaughn Walker's ruling demonstrates how worthless modern conservatives are.

Since August 4, conservatives have been clamoring louder than usual about defending marriage and preserving its sanctity.  There's just one problem: marriage in 2010 America is not worth defending.  Thanks to no-fault divorce, something conservatives (except the ones who read blogs like this) never criticize anymore, marriage can essentially be unilaterally be ended by the wife (yes, that wasn't a gender neutral statement, but most divorces are initiated by wives) who will end up with half of the marital assets (read: her husband's money), alimony, and custody of the children with their accompanying child support.

Considering that half of all marriages end in divorce, calling marriage sacred is a sick joke.  I fail to see how gay people marrying each other could make it any worse.