Friday, January 22, 2016

I'm Done With This Blog - 1488

I started this blog nearly six years ago.  Back then I was a blue-pill libertarian.  I was so stupid.

I took the red pill and became a white nationalist.  Economically speaking, I believe that capitalism is better than socialism.  But let's be realistic, most capitalists are Jews and liberals.  Fuck them.  I hope Bernie Sanders raises their taxes to kingdom come if he is elected.  I hope Donald Trump does the same.  I'm sick of being a shill for the ruling caste.  They hate people like me.  They hate people like you.  Working-class and middle-class whites are their enemies.  They import illegals to do their literal dirty work.  They tweet #BlackLivesMatter, which means they want to unleash Negro criminals upon us, while they live safely among their all-white bastions.  They wear $40,000 dresses to the Oscars while telling us we should give more of our hard earned tax dollars to nonwhites spewing out bastard children.

"The capitalists will sell them the rope we will hang them by."  It's not a saying.  It already happened.  The capitalists sold the third world invaders the rope.  We control the trap door.

I'm done being a libertarian.

Some libertarians are great.  Murray Rothbard was one.  But modern libertarians are basically Cuckservatives who support legalizing drugs.  Fuck them.

Maybe the day will come when I can support libertarianism, but right now I can't.


Trump/Putin 2016.

The Dark Side is fun.  Come join us.

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