Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Freedom in Feminazi America

This story pretty much speaks for itself.  In Chicago, a 17 year old boy was arrested and charged with "disorderly conduct" for ranking girls at his school based on their looks and posting this listing on the Internet.  Disorderly conduct, of course, is what cops and prosecutors use to punish people they dislike but did not break any laws.

Feminazism in America has reached totalitarian levels.  If this boy can get arrested for ranking females based on their sexual attributes, than virtually every man could be arrested, too.  The only men who aren't in danger of being arrested are gay men, who would instead rank males based on their physical looks, which is still acceptable.  As Ferdinand Bardamu notes, this boy is getting arrested for something the liberal establishment celebrated when it was done by a college slut.

This is the culmination of fifty years of feminism, Jewish liberalism, Christian conservatism, and "civil rights" movements polluting America.


  1. Huge comment fight going on in the comment thread of the HuffPo article Berdamu links to for that one. A couple feminazi zealots have been posting for hours.

  2. He is guilty of having the Evil Penis.

    Lock em up.

    nuff said.

  3. Feminism is full of male hatred attitudes and it teaches society to behave against the nature.Today this germ is controlling corrupted politicians, law schemes and media. Feminist movements will exceed the human nature very soon and it will be really painful.