Friday, July 2, 2010

White Men Are Responsible For America's Gun Problems

Predictably, liberal bloggers have reacted to McDonald v. Chicago with an array of ignorant, poorly written screeds. There are good reasons to be skeptical of McDonald, but the liberal reaction generally involves bashing white men and gun culture. The article below is a good example. It was written by Mark Karlin, the editor of BuzzFlash, a socialist progressive website.
If you think the 5-4 partisan hack decision denying the City of Chicago the right to ban handguns is about guns, you're wrong.
Governments do not have rights. They exist to protect rights that people have.

(It's the same 5-4 GOP block -- with some face changes -- that put Bush in the White House and bestowed Corporate Personhood in the Citizens United Case, in short a radical right activist majority of judges.)
True, there have been a few decisions such as Bush v. Gore that appear to be conservative judicial activism, but the number of liberal judicial activist cases dwarfs the number of conservative ones by a couple orders of magnitude.

It's about white males in America feeling threatened by becoming a minority and the gun is their last psychological reassurance of entitlement power against an encroaching demographic change in our democracy.
Two paragraphs in, Mark Karlin reveals himself to be a self-hating mangina. That's pretty awful, considering that most liberal white men are capable of doing so in the first paragraph.

Liberals love to psychoanalyze everything and accuse conservatives of being mentally ill. Has it ever occurred to them that maybe they are the ones who are mentally ill?

Also, why would white males be threatened by becoming a minority? We already are only about 33% of the population of the United States.
After all, the City of Chicago allows citizens to own rifles, so there never was a ban on guns in Chicago; there was a ban on a certain type of gun, which didn't even exist at the time the Constitution was written.
Chicago banned handguns, which were invented long before any of the Founding Fathers were even born. Pistols were used by cavalry since at least the 1500s. Gun grabbers are generally ignorant of guns and Ms. Karlin proves herself to be no exception.

But it is the handgun that makes so many white males feel impregnable, as if they were riding around with a turret gun in a Hummer.
I don't think she knows what the word "impregnable" means. Guns don't make you impregnable, body armor does (not against all rounds, though).

It's a vestige of the Confederacy; "I'm a white man and that allows me to do whatever I want and get away with it, so don't mess with me."

In addition to being ignorant of firearm history, she is also ignorant of American history. Gun ownership is not a vestige of the Confederacy. The Confederacy existed roughly seventy years after the Second Amendment was put into effect.

It's not about the Constitution; it's about a hormonal psychology under siege.

No, "hormonal psychology under siege" is when a forty-year old woman decides to stop chasing alphas and get married, only to discover that the men her age who would make good husbands are sleeping with 20-year olds. Gun ownership is about self-defense, freedom from tyranny, and just having fun.

Meanwhile, the presence of handguns in America causes more deaths than our wars -- and few politicians or corporate media will do anything but giving passing note to the carnage.
The reason why American cities are violent is not due to guns, it is due to the fact that they are filled with blacks and Mexicans, who commit disproportionate amounts of crime compared to whites and Asians.
Why? Because the white male is still too big of a voter block to psychologically "mess with." Even Harry Reid, the Democractic Majority Leader in the Senate, sent out a news release applauding the Supreme Court for overturning the ban on handguns in Chicago and "upholding the 2nd Amendment."
In 1993, the Democratic-controlled Congress passed the Brady Bill. In September 1994, the Democrats passed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. The next month, in part due to their enthusiastic support for gun control, the Republicans took control of the House, the Senate, and a majority of state legislatures. Harry Reid, despite his flaws, is not stupid. He realizes that if the Democrats go on the offensive against guns in an election year, they will suffer losses at the ballot box as a result. And it's not just white men who would vote against the Democrats. While unmarried women vote Democratic, married white women tend to vote Republican.

As America becomes more diverse in race and religion, the white male psyche becomes more frantic in need of "firearms reassurance."

Despite her anti-white misandry, Ms. Karlin does have a point. As America becomes blacker and browner, crime will increase and there is the real possibility that eventually some blacks and mestizos might decide to "cut down the tall trees." Widespread gun ownership among whites would deter that.

And the death toll mounts as a result.

She is correct again. As America diversifies, the death toll will indeed mount. "Diversity + proximity = war." Not to mention the fact that the people who are diversifying America have a higher propensity for crime and violence than the people of pre-diverse America.
BuzzFlash doesn't think Jesus would walk around shoulder holstered and locked and loaded. The Supreme Court has just changed one of our nation's mottos from "In God We Trust" to "In Guns We Trust."
It's perfectly sensible to trust in guns more than God. As Napoleon noted, "God fights on the side with the best artillery."

Also, I think it's hilarious that liberals disdainfully bash Christianity and refer to Christian conservatives as "Christofascists," yet they have no problem using Jesus to promote liberalism.


  1. Typical racist shaming tactics, nice analysis. The obvious fact is, Whites have every reason to be afraid of minorities. But to point that out or admit it would be a slur on our manhood.

    The stupidity is remarkable: Whites are only becoming a minority because Mexican population growth, and Mexicans are waaaay more racist that Whites.

    The weird blame shifting mentality is perverse in the extreme. The death toll mounts... because Whites need psychological assurance?

    The fact is, we don't have a gun violence problem, we have a Black male violence problem.

    Even if we outlaw guns, what, are Blacks thugs just going to turn in their armaments?

    My head is about to implode from the stupidity. This letter is little more than a anti-White diatribe.

    Sorry, I'd write more, but I have to get to my time slot down at the gun range.

  2. I agree with Justin; nice analysis. Unfortunatly there remain far too many like Karlin and they dominate the academy, the media, and the government bureaucracy. Whether there remain enough armed white men with the backbone to defend themselves against the coming onslaught is yet to be determined. Unfortunately, I am doubtful. Decline and fall.

  3. For me it's simple:

    My life is valuable. It is worth something. The lives of my family and loved ones are worth something. Those things are worth fighting for, and protecting.

    If I could strap a police officer to my belt and carry him around wherever I went, that would be fantastic! Get rid of all the guns then by all means! I'll even help them out! Until that time though, I'll stick to trusting my life, and the lives of my family to my good friends Glock, and Smith and Wesson.

    If exercising my right to defend myself gives someone a heart aneurism, such as the author of that article, then so be it.

  4. Jesus also told his followers to sell their cloaks and buy swords, as they would need them for protection when He was gone, so I think it's a little presumptious for anyone to be putting Jesus down as against self-defense...


  5. Here's Mark Karlin in all her glory. The boy looks like the stereotypical Jewish nebish.

    No doubt his fear of White men and guns is rooted in the psychology of Jewish Paranoia.

    As a Jew in America he carries with him deep in the recesses of his mind a fear of the Goyim with Guns. A paranoia about violent anti-Semitism coming from right wing White men is the real reason for his anxieties about this Supreme Court decision.