Monday, July 19, 2010

Roissy's Dating Market Value Test

Dr. Helen wrote about Roissy's Dating Market Value Test For Women and her score, so I decided to take Roissy's test for men and it revealed (unsurprisingly) that I am a "classic beta."

Has anyone else taken one of Roissy's Dating Market Value Tests? If so, what did you score?


  1. I scored like -4 or -5, which makes me a 'Lesser Beta'.

  2. I did a post here on my blog discussing the dating market value test for men.

  3. Ha ha. I tried to take that test just now. Now I remember why I've never finished it before - too many questions where, the only way I would pick the answer was based on how many points I feel like I deserved.

    "How many friends do I have?" I dunno. If I count all the people who understand me, one. If I count all the people I like to hang out with, who last names I know, probably thirty.

    "How do I react when my target says such and such?" Targets have concentric circles on them, and a made out of paper. You shoot them. They don't talk.

    "How good-looking am I?" When I'm around women as drunk as the ones Roissy picks up, I'm about a 9.5. When I'm a job interview, I'm apparently a 2 or something. :)

    Anyway, when i gave up I was at negative three or something. Old proletarian who's never been arrested. :(