Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mel Gibson is a Race Realist

Mel Gibson was in an argument with his Russian ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and told her "You look like a fucking pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault."

Naturally, he accused of being a racist and misogynist. He's a misogynist because he dared to argue with a woman and criticize her appearance and behavior, something that men are not allowed to do in gynocentric America. He also warned her that she is not blameless for anything that might happen to her due to her actions. That is also forbidden in gynocentric America, since women should be able to do anything without facing any possible consequences.

If the smug liberal media and gossip columnists would consult the United States Department of Justice's study, Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2007, they would find that his racism is quite logical. In 2007, there were at least 14,093 white women raped by black men (I write "at least" because in 13.1% of rapes of white women, the race of the rapist was unknown or not available). The same year, between zero and ten black women were raped by white men. The 2007 survey does not list percentages of victims of gang rape by race, but does for offenders. There were approximately 8310 gang rapes in 2007 and 2/3 were committed by blacks, although the sample size for gang rape was less than 10. Oksana's chances of getting raped by a pack of men are low, but if it does happen, chances are that pack will indeed consist of, as Mel would say, "niggers."

Yes, he used the word "nigger." But he wasn't giving a public speech, this was a private conversation that was recorded. Furthermore, blacks appear to not find the word itself offensive, as they use "nigger" as a autonym and it makes up a substantial portion of the average Ebonics speaker's word choice. It just offends them when whites utter the word. It's a way for blacks to hold power over whites by making an entire word forbidden to our people, while they may use it freely.


  1. Here we see where religion screws up people. If Mel had only been atheist racialist he'd probably have much more influence and be more conscious of the importance of positive public perspective and not risk saying something like this to a woman who doesn't even appear white in the first place. I don't get why he likes her, she's unattractive compared to the thousands of beautiful white women he has access to, and who might more easily be swayed to a racialist viewpoint and therefore not betray his trust on such a sensitive matter.

  2. "...criticize her appearance...."

    Of course he should be able to criticize her appearance without being labeled a misogynist, but let's be honest here -- she's looked like a "pig in heat" the whole time they've been together, so he must've been attracted to -- and, therefore, approved of -- that look at some point.

  3. No, Mel would be better off if he had not left his wife and children.

  4. Anonymous,

    Oksana Grigorieva is White. The reason she made the tape was to get Gibson to admit he punched her in the face.

    "Here we see where religion screws up people."

    I think you mean alcohol!

  5. "Of course he should be able to criticize her appearance without being labeled a misogynist, but let's be honest here -- she's looked like a 'pig in heat' the whole time they've been together..."


    Are you sure? What Gibson was talking about was how she dressed in public, as opposed to at the occasional photo shoot.

  6. Okay Eileen,

    I just looked at the picture TAS linked to and that was a pretty tight dress she had on, and yet Mel didn't seem to mind it.

    But perhaps point is that without a he-man like Mel Gibson to protect her, it's dangerous for her to go out dressed like that.

  7. And in terms of Gibson being unwise to use the word "nigger" to Oksana Grigorieva.

    The reason that wasn't wise isn't because she's Russian, after all Russian women are noted for being a lot more tolerant of racialism than American White women.

    The reason it wasn't wise is because Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva were locked in a bitter custody battle, and because Gibson should’ve figured out that she’d be trying to get him to say something corroborating her allegation of domestic violence.

    A lot of times phone conversations will be recorded by exes when they’re trying get you on something that would hurt you in court, such as domestic violence or what is nowadays called 'emotional abuse'.

  8. How can you possible write something this stupid? So now it is all about the possibility of her being raped buy a bunch of this or that, instead of being about he is obvious mental disorder and physical and psychological _ yes that is the name - abuse? Or do you think that having someone yelling on you and calling you a whore for all the stupid reasons he did is not an abuse?

    It is because of people like you that shit like this happens, but guess what? Your time will come. Women are not as stupid and subservient as before. If he wanted someone who dresses like a nun he should have stayed with his 55 years old wife and not betray her for years and than have a young girlfriend who he expects to suddenly become and old lady.

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  10. "Or do you think that having someone yelling on you and calling you a whore for all the stupid reasons he did is not an abuse?"

    No. I don't think that's abuse at all. I should know, I was abused nearly every day as a child. Most of the time I was awakened by being dragged out of bed by my hair and stomped on repeatedly. I once had my head slammed into a wall repeatedly so hard that a contact lens popped out of my eye. I was unable to sleep for days at a time for fear that I would be shot or stabbed in my sleep.I have scars all over my body and several cracked ribs that remind me of my abuse every day.

    Being called a whore might seem abusive, to someone who is used to having their pampered baby-powdered ass kissed on a bi-hourly basis.

    But for someone that has actually suffered abuse, having someone calling you names would be like summer break in Cancun.

  11. Idjot. The 2007 DOJ study is a survey. They interviewed 42,000 households containing 73,650 people. Of those people, there were 10 or less white women who were raped or sexually assaulted (which includes verbal threats of rape and threats of sexual assault) reported that the offender was black. 10 or less also for the categories of other race and not known.

    The percentages listed in the table for these three categories are 7.6, 3.8 and 13.1. Since all three of these categories were 10 or less, you can deduce that 1 offender corresponds to 1.9%. So the white women reported 40 white offenders, 4 black, 2 other and 7 not known. (53 total assaults reported)

    Then the report calculated the incidence rate for each category of offender, since 75% of all men are white, there were 3.62 white rape/sexual offenders per 10,000 white men. Since 12% of all men are black, there were 2.19 black rape/sexual assaults per 10,000 black men. Note that white men are 1.65 times more likely to rape/sexually assault white women than black men are.

    Then these stats were applied to the demographic make-up of the entire US to get estimated numbers of rapes/sexual assaults.

    Now you can work backward and say 14,093 white women were raped/sexually assaulted by black men (compared to 140,000 white women raped/sexually assaulted by white men), but make sure you know that this is a rough estimate. For instance, what is the confidence level and margin of error for this number?

    But you absolutely cannot than compare 14,000 black men to 0 to 10 white men raping/sexually assaulting black women. That is the survey result!!! Not the actual estimate! The estimate is 12,780 black women were raped/sexually assaulted by white men. Of course, since the sample size is so small, this estimate is a near shot in the dark. The actual number could be much larger or smaller, we just don't know.

    Get a clue.

  12. Oh, I left off the most important part. Since both black men assaulting white women and white men assaulting black women were based on 10 or less survey results, the margin of error is quite large. In fact, it's large enough so that the margin of error is bigger than the distance between the two estimates. This is like when a presidential poll shows 52% to 48% +/- 5%. Bottom line, this poll doesn't even say if more white women were assaulted by black men or more black women were assaulted by white men. You can't tell from this survey.

    And another reminder, this survey included verbal threats of rape and sexual assault in these figures. So absolutely nothing can be said about even an estimate of how many rapes occurred in any category of victim/offender.

  13. Do you live in the U.S. Norwegian Shooter? How much do you interact with blacks within a majority black community? Are you familiar with the fact that gang rape is almost unheard of in the white community compared to hispanics and blacks? Are you familiar that the U.S. government reported that over 30,000 white women reported being raped by black men in one year alone while the number of black women raped by white men was less than ten? Of course it's logical to find that more white men raped white women. The U.S. is a majority white country (still at this point) and that majority white population still largely dates within it's own race. Even given these obvious circumstances, white men BARELY manage to rape more of their own kind (white women) than do blacks. So blacks not only rape their own kind (black women) at a MUCH higher rate than do whites, but their violence also spreads over to white women and rivals the figures white men put up against their own women. Quite astounding. And this is consistent with what we know about interracial crime: that black on white crime accounts for 85% of all of it in the U.S. And simply looking at the numbers doesn't explain the whole story, either. I'd wager dollars to donuts that most of the white on white rape is date rape that occurs within relationships or among acquaintances who at least know each other's names. I'm not excusing it, but that is significantly less pathological than much of the black on white rape, which is the result of black men targeting random white women on the street and then taking turns popping her with their "homies." Blacks flat-out commit a higher number of rapes per capita (and the nature of the them is often savage beyond belief) and no amount of pointing at whitey's crimes is going to alter the logic of Gibson's point about the likelihood of "a pack of niggers" raping her. If you are in fact from Norway, I suggest you monitor your own population of blacks/ME Muslims. The trends in Europe show something fairly similar. And no offense if you are from Europe, but it's laughable when Scandanavians try to lecture to white Americans about other races. Many of you have no fucking clue. You just buy the Hollywood portrayal of race realists as all wearing white sheets over our heads.