Monday, May 17, 2010

Wherein I Lay Bare My Prejudices

Whenever a liberal discovers this blog, they inevitably leave a comment calling me a racist, sexist, etc. and whenever I comment about HBD on non-HBD blogs, the same happens. I have found that being called a racist, sexist, etc. does not bother me, because I basically am a racist, sexist, etc.

I decided that, unlike most people who hold such views, I would openly admit to being a racist, sexist, etc. and would openly write about the prejudicial views I have towards certain ethnic, racial, sexual, and social groups.

Blacks: I've written my thoughts about blacks many times before. I freely admit that I hold racist views with regards to them and rarely associate with them. The fact is, blacks commit crime at very disproportionate rates, possess an average IQ of 85, speak proper English worse than most Mexican immigrants, have turned spawning bastards into a form of art, have a culture that would make Idiocracy look like ancient Athens, and are basically a drain on America. And thanks to the liberal elites, black culture and its vices have been enthusiastically accepted by self-hating, young white lemmings.

Women: I admit I hold some sexist and maybe even misogynistic views. I detest feminism and the prominent role it has played in the destruction of America. I dislike young American women - and foreign women who have assimilated into American culture - since they are sluts. Does anyone even bother to disagree about that point anymore? Even young "conservative" women are slutty.

Mexicans: I have a more positive view of Mexicans than I do blacks. I've worked with and managed both and if I had the choice of eight blacks or four Mexicans, I would go with the Mexicans. They are indeed hard-working, but I don't want to live in an area that is mostly Mexican. Also, I like Mexican immigrants better than I do American-born Hispanics, since large portions of the younger population of the latter tend to basically be brown niggers.

White trash: I dislike them, but so does the liberal elite, whereas it celebrates equivalently trashy black culture.

Guidos: A blight on humanity.

Mudsharks: They disgust me.

East Asians: With the exception of chiggers, they are a benefit to America.

Indians (Asian): American-born ones have all the vices and virtues of white Americans. Ones actually from India tend to smell badly. If you don't believe me, go into a computer lab in an engineering building on a college campus.

Indians (American): Native Americans were savages until little more than a hundred years ago. Of course, so were my Celto-Germanic ancestors.

LGBT: Gays and bisexuals I do not have a problem with. Transsexuals are freaks and disgust me. Some lesbians are okay, but a lot of them are man-hating feminists.

Low-class people: Whenever I have the misfortune of entering a Wal-Mart, as a thought experiment I often ponder the benefits and drawbacks of various methods of rendering most of the individuals I encounter incapable of spreading their noxious genes. I am highly classist. I loathe the poor-worshipping that liberals and many conservatives possess. The fact is, despite the myth of poor people who spend all their time working just to make ends meet, most poor people are lazy, stupid, and spend their time smoking marijuana, smoking cigarettes, drinking, and engaging in dysgenics. Pretty much every self-described poor person I have ever met spends copious amounts of money on marijuana and alcohol.

Fat people: I abhor the concept of "fat acceptance." Fat women repulse me and fat men usually possess a stench.


  1. I hold very similar views. I do have a problem with gay people though, but I'll leave them alone if they leave me alone.

    Fat people I detest as well, especially if they aren't doing anything to solve the problem. It's one thing that CAN be changed (unlike race), so it annoys me the most. I don't get angry at blacks because they are black. That is unchangeable.

    I've also noticed the Indian smell thing. Planet Grok wrote about it when he was still blogging.

  2. "I've also noticed the Indian smell thing. Planet Grok wrote about it when he was still blogging. "

    You write this as if it's not common knowledge. Everyone knows it.

    Generally, anyone who isn't white or East Asian female smells. (Most American born East Asian men don't smell, but their foreign born counterparts do. Probbaly cultural as they're all pretty damn weird. FOB is the term I believe.)

  3. "Generally, anyone who isn't white or East Asian female smells".

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Have you turned into a white supremacist? Whites smell. Bad. Go smell yourself. It's only because of the deodorized culture of the US that it becomes less noticeable. A lot of East Asians don't have any BO at all, and it's not just the females. This is another HBD issue. I wrote about this some time ago.

    Yeah, I guess everyone knows that Indians smell bad, but no one ever speaks of it in public.

  4. Yeah, I thought I remember AoR writing about whites smelling worse than Asians some time ago. Anybody, like me, who went to school with some poor white country kids knows that they can smell pretty rank. But I don't think I've been around enough East Asian males to judge. In the 1896 Encyclopedia Britannica, it says that blacks smell like wet goats.

    But yeah, I agree with all of the above prejudices, except I usually go a little easier on white trash. No matter what they do with themselves, at least they're not out committing violent crimes and sucking on the teat of the State (unless it's a last resort) like blacks.

    I had to look up "mudsharks". I have no problem with fat white women finding "love" with self-abased Negroes, it's just their kids, why do they have to make them caramel, shoulder-chipped kids?

  5. HBDers need to make more of a distinction between whites who have working class jobs yet exhibit middle class behavior (maybe a little less refined) and whites with working class jobs who exhibit low class behavior (i.e. white trash).

    The former are almost always good people, the latter are generally reprehensible. The only upside to them is that most of them at least have jobs and don't mooch off the government.

    As for smell: I've never noticed white people smelling. Foreign born Asian men smell a ton. Believe me, I have a lot of experience with this.

  6. I find myself agreeing with the vast majority of your feelings about various groups/races, especially today's women and low class white trash. I'm surrounded by nothing but white and black trash and mudsharks, so I'm totally in agreement.