Thursday, May 27, 2010

Liberal Free-dumb

In the Bush II years, liberals often claimed to be defenders of the Constitution and supporters of freedom and liberty. Their actions during the Obama era have shown that they don't care about the Constitution, just certain parts of its penumbras.

In fact, liberal freedom (which I refer to as "free-dumb") is generally limited to the following freedoms, some of which conflict with others' rights to life and property:

1. The freedom to get an abortion and access to contraception (with taxpayer funding!).
2. The freedom to have anal sex.
3. The freedom to tresspass (see anti-discrimination laws).
4. The freedom to enter this county illegally.
5. The freedom to commit crimes more easily.
6. The freedom to use drugs (except nicotine).

Essentially, the only freedoms liberalism supports are those that attack the established, and now collapsing, social order.


  1. Yeah it's also hypocritical that they attack Rand Paul and those who defend the inherent right of people to only labor for who they want to, aka "discriminate". Freedom of association is one of the most basic rights. It shows their true agenda when something as basic as the freedom to decide who you work for is attacked. The business owner labors for the customer's money, so the customer is essentially the boss and the business has a right to either work or not work. If the business no longer has the option to select who it works for, and is forced to work for certain people, the business is a slave to those customers, an unwilling servant. It's crazy really. They are defending slavery by portraying the master as the victim! It's an entire worldview based on only focusing on one side of the economic balance sheet, the consumption side.