Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flip-Flops and Young Women's Inability to Dress Nicely

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I attended a graduation at a large university last Sunday. Aside from the male women's study major, another thing that surprised me was how many female graduates were wearing flip-flops with their cap and gown.

I'm accustomed to seeing people, especially women, dressing shoddily to events that only a decade ago required a certain formality in dress, but it's pretty ridiculous that women are wearing Asian peasant footwear to such events. Even after a decade of business casual, men (including young men) are still capable of dressing somewhat nicely when the situation requires - I saw plenty of male graduates in ties and most were wearing at least button-down shirts, slacks, and dress shoes - yet young women do not seem to be capable of doing so.

I guess that there are two reasons behind this: the first is the "decline of the matriarch" that Welmer of The Spearhead has written about. The second is that in this era of pussywhipped men, feminism, "strong and independent women," and sexual harassment laws, men are afraid of criticizing women's appearances - including how they dress for events that should require formality from them - for fear of being attacked by a feminist harpy mob.


  1. I don't know, what's the real basis behind "formality"? I tend to think it's using clothing to enforce a stricter code of behavior, but for people who already restrain themselves, suit and tie isn't required to discipline one's behavior, but just uses the conditioned response of others towards the "suit and tie" look to gain respect/authority. Physically, barefoot is healthiest to walk around, but that might be viewed as "informal". I think simpler clothing is preferable and a high-class person can look just as classy in flip-flops as dress sandals, because class comes from the individual's movement, body-appearance and mind rather than fabric and accessories. I do hate seeing girls wear graphic t-shirts and ripped jeans, that's probably another jewish-pushed trend along the lines of modern art and the jewish deconstructionist (Gehry, Libeskind) architecture movements. I personally think ties are obsolete, and prefer the European look of just a simple 1-color shirt and jacket, no tie.

  2. For a libertarian, you seem very interested in controlling other people's behavior that doesn't effect you in the slightest.

  3. Criticizing other people's actions (or dress, in this case) is not controlling their behavior.

    Actions have consequences. Since you are, if I remember correctly, the son of a single mother, you should have a good understanding of that principle.

  4. Please, tell me, what drastic social consequences come from wearing flip-flops? Could they lead to--*gasp*--mixed dancing?

    Your views are hilariously irrelevant. Enjoy the fade into political oblivion. We will not miss you.

  5. "Please, tell me, what drastic social consequences come from wearing flip-flops?"

    I don't have a problem with flip-flops in general, I just think they look trashy when women wear them to work, graduations, and weddings.

    There are very few social consequences anymore, because our culture no longer bestows any on women due to how trashy they dress, but in fact encourages it. I view it as just another sign of our society's cultural decline.

    "Could they lead to--*gasp*--mixed dancing?"

    How does expecting young women to dress appropriately lead to prohibitions on mixed dancing? Google "slippery slope."

    It's pretty sad that you hold such strong feminist views and identify has male. Have you considered getting a male-to-female sex-change operation?

    "Your views are hilariously irrelevant."

    If they are hilariously irrelevant, then why do you bother to waste your time posting comments on this blog?

    "Enjoy the fade into political oblivion."
    I think you greatly underestimate my age. I will be around for a long time. :)

    "We will not miss you."

    You may think otherwise when decades from now, thanks to the destruction of the West via feminism and Third World immigration, political Islam has greatly increased its power and scope. Islamists are generally much more unfriendly to liberal viewpoints than American conservatives are.

  6. I really enjoy the bitterness of your comebacks, dont give in an inch.