Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Male" Women's Studies Majors

I went to a graduation today and afterward flipped through the program. I took a look at the list of women's studies graduates and I noticed that there was an individual with male first and middle names.

A man has to be very self-hating and emasculated to choose a major that involves him sitting through a number of classes in which he gets to listen to a bunch of feminists talk about how evil men are and how horrible the "patriarchy" is. Alternatively, he could have just been trying to meet and hook up with women by attending classes that are almost all female, but there are cheaper ways to do so than by spending $40,000 on a degree.

I'm actually surprised there aren't more male women's studies majors. Considering that boys are indoctrinated with feminist propaganda for 13 years, it seems like there should be more liberal men out there who possess enough self-hatred to pursue such a major.


  1. A primary human drive is to avoid pain. Thus the male aversion to chick studies is natural since the wimmenz don't take too kindly to their kind 'round there.

  2. He may have been intending to get some easy grades and a gender-biased law school appointment. He may already understand that he is below center mass on the intelligence scale and is working a game to improve his chances of getting a good job after graduation.