Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sword and Sandal at the White House

This is the dress that Michelle Obama wore to a yesterday's state dinner with Felipe Calderon. Larry Auster wrote about it here - be sure to read all of the comments, they are amusing.

From the dress' "fabric" (I put fabric in quotes because it looks like it's made out of plastic), the single strap (the dress probably would have looked less ugly with no straps), its sword and sandal B-movie look, and her black ghetto bitch scowl, to the fact that her cleavage appears to start at her collarbone, her entire appearance is repulsive.

I don't have a problem with women wearing cleavage-revealing dresses to formal events. Women have been wearing cleavage- or bosom-baring dresses for centuries, but in the past, they looked nice while doing so. Modern American women seem to be incapable of making such a dress look elegant, a word which few American women seem to know the meaning of. Younger women end up looking like sluts and middle-aged women end up looking ridiculous. Michelle Obama looks like the Nubian Queen in a direct-to-DVD sequel to Clash of the Titans.

Since the elite loves Michelle Obama, more women will probably attempt to copy her "fashion."


  1. I was thinking the other day how ancient Rome or Greeks had female clothing that fully exposed the breasts, like a bra that only supported the bottom. Haven't had any luck finding pics of them though, but I'd like it to make a comeback, as long as the Michelle Obamas of the world keep fully clothed.

  2. In the words of Austin Powers:

    "That's a man baby."

  3. @Anonymous:
    It was the Minoans and Mycenaeans whose women wore long dresses with bodices that exposed the breasts. I saw a few pictures of a woman wearing reconstructed Minoan garments in Archaeology magazine years ago and, bare breasts aside, they looked more elegant than Michelle Obama and similar women.

    Ancient Roman and Greek women, contrary to their depiction in modern sculpture, usually were fully clothed, although Spartan women, certain priestesses, dancers, and slaves may have gone bare-breasted. Ancient Greeks, in particular, were far more accepting of male nudity than female nudity.

  4. The First Lady? No: The First She-Male.