Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea Party Demographics

Over at Alternut, Tana Ganeva has a post entitled "Shocking: Tea Partiers Mostly Rich, White, Christian Guys." The data can be found here (PDF).

Much like all the founding fathers and most of the Republican party, a whole lot of the Tea Partiers are rich, white, Christian men. According to a new CNN poll (via TPM), a majority of respondents who had donated to a Tea Party group or participated in a Tea Party event were male, white, and identified as Protestant/Other Christian groups.

2010 is well before 2042, so whites are still a majority of the American population. Thus it should not be surprising that most Tea Partiers are white. Also, while women outnumber men in the United States, the gender gap is small enough that it would fall within the margin of error. The fact that most fall into the "Protestant/Other Christain (sic) groups" category is interesting but unsurprising. Jews are overwhelmingly liberal (but that's okay) and many American Catholics are either Democrat-supporting Hispanics or members of white ethnic groups that lean Democrat.

Keep in mind that "most," "mostly," and "majority" are vague terms meaning "greater than 50%." She never cites the exact statistics for those categories in her post, so those words are basically meaningless.

Regardless, it makes sense that whites make up most of the Tea Party movement. Whites pay most of the federal income taxes and blacks and Hispanics take a disproportionate amount in government services. True, poor blacks and Hispanics, like everyone else, pay payroll taxes, but they are basically refunded this through the EIC. Even in this era of multiculturalism, white self-hatred, and political correctness, the observation that whites pay more in taxes than NAMs is not lost on whites.

According to the data, the racial breakdown of the Tea Party activists was 80% white, 2% black, and 10% Hispanic. The percentages of all respondents was 71% white, 2% black, and 11% Hispanic. The margin of error was 3 percentage points. So it looks like the whiteness of the Tea Party movement is not due to the lack of Hispanic participation, but rather due to the fact that blacks want free stuff from Obama. The relatively high percentage of Hispanics in the movement compared to the overall population is probably due to the fact that only registered voters were polled, excluding illegal and non-citizen legal immigrants.

As for the fact that most of the Tea Partiers are men, it makes sense. After all, women can't exactly teabag liberals. Seriously, if you look at the data Ganeva linked to, 60% of the Tea Party Activists are male, which is a pretty substantial majority. This is probably due to the fact that men are more likely to be supporting a family on their income, so they want to be able to keep more of their money, whereas a single career woman is only supporting herself and her cats and single mothers are essentially wedded to Big Government - they use it as a second source of income. Plus, women in general are more likely to support larger government.

It gets even better:

Also, most went to college. 40 percent are college grads, compared to just 28 percent of total poll respondents, and 34 percent have some college.

So much for the liberal myth that conservative voters are bunch of dumb rednecks. It's funny that liberals frequently accuse conservatives of being "anti-intellectual" and "anti-education," yet Tana uses this as evidence of how out of touch the Tea Partiers are. I thought being college educated was supposed to be a good thing.

They make a ton more money than the other people interviewed for the study: 34 percent make over $75,000, while 32 make between $50,000 and $75,000. That’s way more than half pulling in over $50,000. So real, genuine Americans seem to be doing pretty well for themselves(.)

I agree with the headline that this is "shocking." It is shocking that liberals are so out of touch with reality.

Here we have the liberal definition of "rich": someone making more than $50,000 a year. That's funny. I'm willing to bet that most of the white New Englanders and Left Coasters make more than $50,000 a year. So do most of the young, suburban Obamanites.

Actually, the people she considers rich make much less than $50,000 when you consider the fact that they have to feed the Leviathan with FICA, federal income tax, state income tax, property tax, sales tax, use tax, and myriad other taxes. (Aside: a good resource on taxes
in the USSA is the National Taxpayers Union.)
Where I come from, we have a term for someone making between $50,000 and $75,000: middle-class. Of course, I'm just from Jesusland. What would I know about anything.

None of this should be especially surprising. Most poor people scraping by in terrible, lowpaying (sic) jobs — or with no jobs — probably don’t have the time to don three-cornered hats and scream about communism."

Here we have some poor-worshiping. I don't think a liberal is capable of writing anything without a poor-worshiping paragraph. Yes, there are some poor people who are impoverished through no fault of their own and spend most of their time working. But most of these "poor people" are poor because they are drug-addicts, had kids at a young age, have low IQs, are criminals, or are just lazy. They have time to go to da club, smoke crack and weed, get drunk, and breed bastard children, so they have plenty of time. They choose not to go to Tea Parties because they disagree with the goals - they want more money from the government. Karl Marx called these people the "lumpenproletariat," while the current PC term is "underclass."

The rest of the "poor people" of whom she writes are either the kind of people Thomas Frank dislikes, working-class (proletariat) or rural whites who vote Republican, or they are people who had well-paying jobs until the Bush-Obama tag team (yes, I am oversimplifying) screwed everything up.

But there has been an MSM tendency to trumpet the movement as an eruption of populist rage by those crushed in the financial crisis. “Populism” liberals just don’t grasp, of course, because they’re all elitist and stuff

No, you don't grasp because you are too out of touch with reality and your ideology is defined by cognitive dissonance. You think global warming is bad, but nuclear power plants need to be shut down. Wind power is necessary, but you don't want wind farms in your back yard. We need to help the poor, but you don't donate any money to charities. The Iraq War is bad, but bombing white Christian Serbs is good. Bill Ayers is a good man, but Glenn Beck promotes sedition. I've gone a little off topic, but I think I've made my point about liberals' cognition and why it should be of no concern if they don't understand Tea Party populism.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to reconsider our associations of the word “elite” so it at least slightly correlates with things like money and privilage (sic).

When liberals refer to "privilege" they refer to their belief that every white, no matter their social class, is born with privilege that every black (even, say, Clarence Thomas) lacks. It's like the secular liberal version of original sin.

The fact is, someone who makes $65,000 a year (closer to $45,000 or so after taxes), is not "elite." The elites make more money than Tana could comprehend with her little mind (after all, anyone who thinks $50,000 is rich probably can't count too high). And guess what? In the 2008 election, people with incomes over $200,000 and people with master's and doctoral degrees favored Obama. Those are the elites. Accountants, truck drivers, small business owners, engineers, and retired factory workers are not.

Given demographic trends (PDF), this is definitely the movement the GOP should hitch their wagon to.

Her sarcastic remark is actually correct. More and more, white people are starting to realize what Obama and the Democrats really are and that no matter how hard you try, you can't please blacks. You'll just be called a racist.

The fact is, as America gets blacker and browner, more whites will begin to realize that the multicultural paradise is not arriving. They will notice the high crime rates, the failed schools, the roving, wilding gangs of black and Hispanic "youths," and the growing number of welfare parasites leeching off the 35% of their income they feed to the Leviathan. White Democrats who are exposed to this morph into Republicans. Now, the Republican Party as it currently exists is only slightly better than the Democratic Party, but the Tea Party movement has the potential to turn it into a true vanguard of liberty and sanity.

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