Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eating Out with SWPLs

The tail end of The Asian of Reason's post in which he describes social class at pizza buffets reminded me of the adventures I've had eating out with my SWPL friends. With my normal friends, eating out is a simple task. We go to a place that has good, filling food, is relatively cheap, and is close by. Sometimes we go to a fast food burger joint like Wendy's or McDonald's, other times a sit-down restaurant, and sometimes hole-in-the-walls (on a side note, I love hole-in-the-wall restaurants). Deciding where to go is a simple task, since we aren't very picky.

With my SWPL friends, it's the opposite. They have an aversion to typical fast food places like McDonald's, considering them too "greasy." They are correct about fast food being greasy, but anywhere you go, a burger will have fat in it, which makes it greasy, and anywhere you go, French fries will be fried in oil. One place they are fond of is Chipotle, which specializes in burritos the size of bricks, crammed with meat, cheese, rice, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, beans, and salsa. That can't be too much healthier than a Baconator. They also are fond of sandwich shops, probably because of the "fresh" and unfried ingredients.

Trying to decide where to eat with them is a pain in the ass. We can't go to any of the "usual" fast food restaurants and whenever one of them decided they are not in the mood for burritos or sandwiches, it can be nearly impossible to decide on a place to go. None of them have any money due to the fact that they are (or were) liberal arts students, so going to a sit-down restaurant is out of the question. Once, the only restaurant they could agree on was one that was an Italian fast food place five miles away! The obvious irony is that SWPLs are environmentalists, yet they wanted to drive ten miles roundtrip to eat at a place that is about as greasy as McDonald's. I guess it was okay because it was "ethnic" food.

SWPL friends can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

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