Monday, February 22, 2010

Google Censors Epic Beard Man

I don't have much to say about the fight between Epic Beard Man and Amber Lamps that hasn't been covered already by others, although I do intend to write a couple more posts on this. For those of you who don't know, a video surfaced on YouTube chronicling a fight on an Oakland bus. A drunken black man (Amber Lamps) and a 67-year old white man (Epic Beard Man) were having an argument on a bus, Epic Beard Man got up and went to the front of the bus, Amber Lamps followed, and they continued arguing. Then Amber struck Epic Beard Man, who stood up and punched Amber repeatedly in the face. (Amber Lamps is referred to as such due to the fact that he calls for an ambulance, which sounds like "Amber Lamps" due to his injuries and Ebonics. Encylcopedia Dramatica assigns the name "Amber Lamps" to a random woman who witnessed the incident, but I think the phrase is better as a nickname for the the drunk guy.)

The video can be viewed here. I linked to Dailymotion because the EBM original and most of the reposts have been removed from Google-owned Youtube.

What most people do not know is that Google is actively censoring this story. Encyclopedia Dramatica, a wiki hosting articles related to various nerd and Internet subcultures, had their article regarding the EBM meme delisted so it can not be found at all via Google. The article can be found here, but is NSFW and if you find nudity, gore, porn, and very bad language offensive, do not visit Encyclopedia Dramatica. However, the rest of Encyclopedia Dramatica, including pages with content much more vulgar and offensive, is listed in Google's index and can even be found via Google's query suggestions.

Speaking of Google's query suggestions, despite the fact that the man is an Internet celebrity, there are no Google query suggestions for him. The closest ones are "epic beard" and "epic beards," which link to pictures of men with weird beards, although EBM-related content is also accessible. However, there are no query suggestions for "epic beard man" or even "AC transit bus fight," the more "professional" term used to describe the fight. In contrast, Microsoft's Bing search engine displays search suggestions relating to the fight, including "epic beard man encyclopedia dramatica."

The reason why Google is attempting to censor this is obvious. 98% of its employee's contributions went to the Democrats in 2004, and the fact that it is highly liberal has been established many times before. This fight is an anathema to liberals. They hate the idea of self-defense. Most hardcore liberal men are meek and feminized and liberal women hate all things masculine (future blog post topic) and boxing a man who assaults you and winning is a very masculine thing to do. Also, liberals tend to be pro-criminal. They don't openly admit this, but they minimize the harm criminals cause, blame the crime on "society," and whine about the police being racist. Thus, their sympathy for criminals leads them to dislike anyone who fights back against and injures them.

There is another reason. Many whites are used to reading about black thugs killing, raping, and robbing whites. Indeed, the reason why white people live in suburbs and drive forty-five minutes to work is because they seek to avoid black crime. In the last year or so, there have been many video-taped and publicized incidents in which blacks have beaten whites on school buses and public buses. This time, when the black went to beat up the white, he got his face beat up so badly he couldn't pronounce "ambulance." Google and other liberals are afraid that this man will become a hero to whites (like Joe Horn was a few years back) and ultimately incidents like this will help repeal the taboo on discussing black crime in America. That is why they hate Epic Beard Man.

EDIT: Changed the description of the black guy from being a thug to being drunk, after watching the video linked to by Veritas' comment.

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    The black guys real name is Michael, which is not a typical black name.

    He apologizes in this video. Apparently, he was intoxicated, which is why he was acting so thuggish. No excuse for being intoxicated at 3 in the afternoon though.

    He sounds effeminate in this interview, and he's clearly a much different person in the interview than on the bus.

    I am also confused as to why Google is trying to be China in their censorship. Isn't it hypocritical of them to attack China's censorship policies while at the same time doing this? I'll never understand.

    I like to watch the video once a day. It's just so hard to find now!