Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DR Congo Turns 50

Fifty years ago today (June 30, 1960), the present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly called Zaire) gained independence from Belgium. I wonder if the people of the DR Congo really think they are better under African kleptocrats than they were under Belgian colonialists.


  1. Well, they're "free" so they must be "better" right?

    At least they're free, if by free we mean free to murder each other.

  2. DRC is the very definition of a failed state. They do no excercise much sovereignty over much of their territory, it is literally in rebel hands.

  3. Why do either of you guys care one way or another?


  4. Because the United States is wasting time and money attempting to deal with the problems in the Congo.

  5. ...and it is another reminder of what happens when liberalism is implemented in full: anti-colonialism, one-man-one-vote, liberation, and all the rest of the slogans. The result? Catastrophe all around. This is a lesson liberals should have learned when it came time to end White rule in Rhodesia and South Africa, but nope. The same old liberal formulae were applied, and again the result? Catastrophe.

    Well, cheer up, now that Whites will become a minority in the USA, perhaps liberals will get a lesson first hand.

  6. Californian
    Sorry to say but they still might not...most of them are upper middle class and will self-seggregate and blame the 'crackers' just like the British-descended Whites in South Africa blame the 'cracker' Boers who are farmers, frontiersmen and old soldiers for being 'racist' till today. Tell me, if after what has happened in South Africa, liberal Whites are still clinging to their delusions, what hope do you have for a change of heart, in say, 50% White, still comfortably wealthy (if static) US of 2050?