Friday, April 2, 2010

Guam Might Tip Over into the Ocean

According to Hank Johnson, a black congressman from Georgia, this might happen if the military stations more Marines on the small US island. Fortunately, the admiral he is questioning does "not anticipate that."

It's sickening that people this stupid regulate everything about Americans' lives - from our healthcare down to the lightbulbs we use. At least in Plato's Republic they were ruled by philosopher kings.


  1. (A person called "John" posted this comment. I deleted the original one, because with his URL he attempted to link to Lemon Party.)

    Hahah you actually have a tag called 'blacks.'

    It's a dumb comment and the general takes it like a champ, but shit, the guy has some serious health issues so cut him some slack.

  2. Seems like a pot-head to me ...