Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Christianity is a Greater Threat to America Than Islam

The response to Arizona's immigration law by various allegedly conservative Christian sects, such as the Catholic Church and Evangelicals, has shown that modern Christianity is just another one of the forces bent on destroying America. Catholic, Evangelical, and other Christian leaders are united in opposition to this law, which essentially means they supporting America's descent into a Third World cesspool.

Neoconservatives might argue that Islam is a threat because of Islamic terrorism. But the fact is, Islamic terrorism takes place in countries that are fighting against Muslims. The subway bombings in Russia, Spain, and the UK took place because those countries are (or were) engaged in war against Muslims. As for the September 11 attacks, the reason why they occurred is because America entered into the entangling alliances that George Washington warned us of. Islam has a history of forceful expansion, but so what? America is thousands of miles from the Muslim world with oceans in between. Islamic expansion is the Europeans' problem. If Islam is a threat to them, then they should deal with it how they did back when "European" was not synonymous with "sissy," or at the very least not let millions of Muslims immigrate to their countries.

Christianity, on the other hand, is destroying America from the inside. Liberal Christians promote Marxism. Catholicism demands open borders. Evangelical Christians spend their time clamoring for more "aid" for Africa and Haiti.

Catholicism is probably the worst. I regret writing that post last month defending it from liberal criticism. The Catholic Church is at the forefront of the movement to alter the demographic face of America. Predictably, the bishops are complaining about the Arizona anti-illegal immigrant law. The Catholic Church loves Mexican illegal immigrants. It's okay as long as millions of Third World immigrants come here, just as long as they are Catholic. Back in the late Roman Empire, the bishops at least had spines. A lot of people don't know this, but most of the barbarians who invaded the Roman Empire were Christians. Yet, the bishops did not call on the Romans to welcome the invaders simply because they were also Christians. Instead, in many cases, the bishops led the defense of their cities and towns when the Roman legions abandoned them. Back then, the Catholics recognized that just because a group of people shares a religion with you doesn't mean you should let them move into your country.

It's not only the Catholic Church - even Evangelicals are joining in. Evangelical Christianity is a joke. Liberals incessantly bash Evangelicals due to their perceived conservatism, but aside from opposition to gay marriage and abortion, Evangelical Christians are entirely supportive of the liberal agenda. They support environmentalism, feminism (sure, they don't like abortion, but they never blame the women who have abortions), and "diversity." Evangelicals seem to have an obsession with Africa and basically follow the liberal belief that if we just give blacks more money, they will behave. The idea of Evangelical moral superiority is a joke, too. The same people who clamor about how horrible gay marriage is have daughters who go to college and become sluts and sons who pathetically try to mimic black ghetto culture.

Regardless of the reason, Christianity, both the liberal and "conservative" varieties, is killing America. I'd even go as far as to say that the United States would be better if it were predominantly Muslim, rather than filled with the spineless hypocrites who make up the bulk of modern Christianity. At least Muslims are uncompromising in their beliefs and their women don't go out in public dressed like prostitutes. True, Islam does have a tenancy to cause political violence. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, as Thomas Jefferson noted. Most Muslim cities are probably safer than the black Christian inner-cities of the United States, anyways.

Christianity will be America's downfall, due to the fact that the vast majority Christian denominations are either feminized liberal sects or "compassionate conservatives" who do their best to out-liberal the liberals. These short-sighted fools will do more damage to America than a bunch of Muslims halfway across the world ever will.


  1. A heavy duty post, but one which tells some unpleasant truths. This got me to thinking:

    The threat of terrorism pales in significance with the threat created by illegal aliens. The obvious point is that illegal aliens bring with them a certain amount of crime and disorder, which far exceed in death and damage the number of people killed by terrorists in the USA.

    Since 9/11, how many people in the USA have been killed by Islamic terrorists? Even if you toss in the officer who shot up Fort Hood, it still does not match the number of murders committed by illegal aliens in the span of a single month.

    Of course, the real problem is not the crime caused by illegal aliens--as crime is a constant of human society. Rather, it is the destruction of America's national sovereignty caused by illegal aliens. And also degradation of standard of living generated by the lowering of American wages, the overloading of infrastructure, and the vast cultural changes put into motion. None of these things are the product of Islamic terrorism.

    Yet compare the law enforcement resources committed to, say, screening people at airports (mostly legitimate travelers) with those committed to defending the frontiers. American citizens are treated as criminals, while illegal aliens are elevated to the status of the "undocumented."

    Or the fact that the USA can commit an army to fight a war in Afghanistan, yet can not mobilize the forces needed to secure its own frontiers.

    Sam Francis referred to this sort of situation as "Anarcho-Tyranny."

    On another front: those who blame everything on "The Jews" might give pause to consider how the Christian churches in America seem hell bent for leather to bring down America's frontiers as well as promote every kind of multicultist program in the PC playbook.

    Clearly, the problem of the Decline of the West goes beyond any one causative factor but represents a civilization-wide malady.

  2. The problem in the US isn't Christianity. If you look at polls of evangelicals, they are very strongly anti-illegal immigration and generally believe overall immigration should be reduced. The problem is denominational leaders. Being an elite, they tend to put on elite positions, which in the US is heavily race replacement and anti-white. This causes a great deal of consternation among ordinary members and priests of the various denominations. I'd give serious consideration to being Catholic if they weren't my enemies (being in favor of replacing me and mine as the majority race in the US is sufficient condition to make me your enemy, largely irrespective of other factors, it is like a personal declaration of war).

  3. A strong,biblical Christian Church solves many of our problems,however, such as feminism. The problem is 90% of Christians today have no idea what the bible actually says and prefer to take the preacher's word for it.

    I have actually seen Christian women twist the book of Genesis to such a degree that they honestly believed the story was saying that ADAM,and not Eve,was responsible for the fall from Paradise.

    To tell the truth, I have been ostracized,belittled,stepped on and persecuted by Christians because I do not follow their religion,but I would be willing to tolerate that, as a necessary evil, if they put the same effort into making sure their WOMEN followed their religion (no talking in church,no adultery, no divorce, and keeping their heads and bodies covered modestly).

    I truly believe that a strong patriarchal religion with a proven track record, such as Christianity, would help to corral the stupid or conformist (women) people into not hurting themselves and others, if we had one.

  4. If one sees America as part of the West and believes the West falls together, then Islam is a bigger threat.

    Islam is the greatest threat against the civilized world of which America is a part.

  5. Well I dunno about the great mass of so-called Evangelicals being subversively pro-illegal-immigration.

    Also don't know how "major" a "major religious group" that the "Church on the Way" or "Christian Community Development Association" are. But I do know that the Unitarian Church, the Methodist Church, and the ELCA are chock full of leftists. Quite a few Catholic churches and parishioners are lefty as well. But I think it is a mistake to paint the whole of "Evangelicals" with this brush just because a couple of denominations with "evangelical" in their name are fighting this law.

    And the zipperhead that said "social and racial sin"? YGFSM.

  6. Of course the mainline churches are all leftist now, so they're mostly on the boat of El Buen Samaratino aka give amnesty to all illegal aliens now. You have a few holdout conservatives in them, mostly the aristocratic upper-class, but these people are slowly becoming SWPLs as the likes of Jesus Seminar infiltrate their thought. The conservatives are losing the war in the mainline churches.

    Elusive Wapiti,

    Of course evangelicals are not being subversively pro-illegal-immigration. FL is just being provocative. However, I will agree that the general trend in evangelical churches is towards liberalism. It's sickening how popular Shane Claiborne is among the evangelicals, even those who are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, pro-Jesus to death, waiting for the second coming types are drinking the liberal Kool-Aid and letting their brains be stripped from them.

    Then again, evangelical Christians are pathological liars, and usually don't have brains, because they deny all real biblical scholarship and make up their own fantastical bullshit.

    Combining conservative Christianity with liberalism is the unforgivable sin. Jim Wallis? Guilty! As Prime once said, it's now possible to have both your head in the clouds and up your ass at the same time.

    Of course, I agree with the majority of the social conclusions that conservative Christians make, I just despise their reasoning. Plus, I've been harassed by conservative evangelicals all my life, so I'm not keen on teaming up with them.

  7. Dear Flyover Libertarian -

    I mentioned this post over at Mangan's. I did so because, while you have talked mainly about Christian groups with awful stands on immigration, Dennis wrote a post only about Jewish groups with awful stands on immigration.

    I figured the two posts balanced each other out.

    Anyway, I thought I should mention it so you wouldn't think I was talking behind your back like a teenage girl.
    (Y'know, coz everyone mistakes me for a teenage girl.)

    Seriously, my take on the whole thing is that the Christian elite is like the Jewish elite is like the coastal economic elite in general - loving to grow themselves more status by appearing tolerant while blithely pretending that overcrowded ERs, the next generation of criminals, and polyglot confusion aren't really problems. The rank-and-file of all major religious groups has a basically sensible position on this matter. (Hat tip to David Kelsey for providing that link.)

  8. it is what it is
    people are blind
    i read an article that was describing a Glen Beck event that said " and after the Sunday prayer meeting then the people at the convention will be entertained by gun enthusiast ted nugent." Guns and prayer in the same sentence. Scare tactics, Fox News Gimmick, and Religion are all getting a bit whacked out.
    it is what it is, kinda like a bad mtv reality show.

    Nations are preparing for war throughout the world!
    Satan's "ONE WORLD ORDER" is almost here...
    The Anti-Christ could appear not not from now!
    Believer's in Jesus will suddenly disappear...


    Do you think America's CRUMBLING ECONOMY is a planned event?


  10. Gun-Toting LibertineJuly 22, 2011 at 1:51 AM

    Well said! Is Christianity a greater threat to America than Islam? Let's see!

    The current population of the United States is probably... about 313,232,044. Christians (all denominations) are "only" 78.5% of the population (Breakdown: Protestant-51.3%, Roman Catholic-23.9%, Mormon-1.7%, "Other" Christians-1.6%). Muslims are a whopping 0.6% of the population! That means there are probably around 245,887,155 Christians and around 1,879,392 Muslims in the USA. With Christians out-numbering Muslims by 244,007,763 those scary Muslims SURE must be a threat!

    Yeah, I'm being sarcastic. But the scary thing is that people are dumb enough to actually believe that Islam is a greater threat to America than Christianity! Islam is probably a greater threat than Christianity to Europe, and perhaps to the world at large, but to America? And from within nonetheless? Are people really that stupid, gullible, and paranoid to believe it? Islam is surely a greater threat to America from without than Christianity, that goes without saying, but the Muslims, whether attacking via conventional military means, or terrorist attacks, are really a minor threat considering that the USA has the single greatest military in the world. If only our idiotic foreign policies did not paint a giant red bullseye on our collective ass...

    But it's a sad state of affairs that your post is even necessary! I applaud you nevertheless. Between fascism from the right: hypo-christians bitching about gays and abortion (hoping to restrict it and consequently increase potential criminals and welfare recipients), draconian drug policy, promoting creationist idiocy; to fascism from the left: importing illegal immigrants, foreign aid to 3rd-world hell holes. Christianity is the foremost culprit.

    One thing I do take issue with is your claim that, "Catholicism is probably the worst." Now, I am no apologist for the Roman Catholic Church, but I do think that Catholocism is invariably better than virtually all streams of Protestantism. (Quakers, Unitarians/Universalists, and Anabaptists/Mennonites/Amish/"radical Reformers" being the only exceptions I care to mention.)

    Perhaps I am biased due to my past/upbringing, even though I am now atheist. However, I think I have more substantive reasons. Protestantism is just such a heap of happy horseshit, even by the standards of Christianity at large. This is coming from someone who realizes that Christianity in general (indeed religion in general) is horseshit. But an Apostolic church (i.e. Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Uniate/"Eastern Catholic", Monophysite, Oriental Orthodox), I can get. These religious bodies all have a professional clergy to explain doctrines of the faith and don't have to fall back on that "sola scriptura" nonsense (which sucks for Protestants because the doctrine of "sola scriptura" appears nowhere in the Bible), and are thus forced to have a coherent theology rather than a mound of happy horseshit derived from cherry-picked scripture. (And when your holy book has more holes than Swiss cheese hit with a shotgun and you assume sola scriptura, cherry picking is what your left with.)

  11. Gun-Toting LibertineJuly 22, 2011 at 1:52 AM

    Hell, Mormonism makes more sense than Protestantism! At least Mormons (like the pre-Reformation churches) have a hierarchy of professional clergy. Though unlike the other hierarchically organized churches, who have a top bishop (Pope or patriarch), Mormons have a "Church President." How deliciously republican! Plus, their founder at least claimed to be a prophet. As dubious or downright silly as stories of magical golden plates, magic rocks, and the Angel Moroni sound, if you can take it on faith Mormons at least have a "claim" to have the true way. Mormons even have a new new testament! What do Protestants have? Luther and Calvin never even claimed to be prophets or to have an inside transaction with the Big Guy. (Amusingly, Evangelicals rip on Mormons, yet Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli were 16th century Joseph Smiths who never even pretended to be prophets!)

    But you know what the real problem with Protestantism is? They are the biggest useful idiots for the Jews. Perhaps it's unsurprising that a group of people who worship one Jew would worship other Jews, but if you know anything about the history of the Protestant Reformation, then it is equally unsurprising that Protestants would be useful idiots. They were useful idiots from the very beginning! Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli were all useful idiots for their feudal overlords. (Or one, two, or all of them may have been in cahoots with feudal overlords, but their followers were certainly useful idiots.) The various petty monarchs of the German states in the Holy Roman Empire and the leaders of the Swiss cantons sought an escape from Papal hegemony, and that of the devoutly Catholic Hapsburgs. Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli provided them with a useful ideology. Kings of Scandinavia and Britain found the Protestant movement useful to attain similar ends. "Radical Reformers" (i.e. Anabaptists, forerunners of the Amish and Mennonites), were the only Protestant schismatics to exhibit any signs of being anything other than useful idiots. (And Martin Luther conveniently condemned them.) The Anabaptists were essentially peasant revolutionaries, who would develop an early form of socialism, which works surprisingly well... so long as you don't mind living in the 17th or 18th century.

    I would venture a guess that, assuming that Catholics, Unitarians, Mormons, and Anabaptist-derived sects are of average intelligence, all other Protestants (and Jehovah's Witnesses and Christian "Scientists") are noticeably below average intelligence. Protestants are and always were useful idiots, whether for feudal overlords and kings in 16th-17th century Northern & Central Europe, or for the Zionist lobbies in turn of the 21st century America.