Monday, November 29, 2010

The Thousand Year Reich Comes to an End

Paleocons and white nationalists are taking note of a demographic prediction that places 2066 as the year in which whites in Britain will be a minority.  It couldn't happen to a more deserving nation.

The media portrays the English as a refined people, but they are nothing more than well-dressed barbarians who spent the last thousand years conquering as much as the world as they could - from their medieval Celtic neighbors to modern Iraq.  Imperialism, which greatly contributed to nonwhite grievances and liberal self-hatred of Western civilization while doing nothing to civilize the Third World, was enthusiastically embraced by England.

In addition to imperialism, the English enthusiastically embraced every form of feminism, multiculturalism, and racial egalitarianism.  Political correctness has replaced the Church of England as the state religion.  The English have progressed from arresting heretics to those who utter hate speech.

 England isn't worth saving.  Paleocons, race realists, white nationalists, and HBDers should focus on the nation that is.


  1. Prince Andrew's got his GAME_face on:]

  2. On the one that is? Come on, there's got to be at least one other country worth saving. Norway? Australia? Estonia?

    The the three "most lost" countries seem to be the big three of the west ... France, Spain, and the UK. I'd argue that the UK isn't the most lost of those three. Northern Europe isn't nearly that bad off, except maybe for Sweden. The little countries plus Germany and Italy may well save themselves; I admit that I am an optimist.

  3. Meh. Many things can happen between now and 2066.

    I wouldn't say the Brits have spent 1,000 years conquering. More like about 250 years - 1688 to 1945. And the mere act of conquest did not make them "barbarians". A great many places in the world were far, far better off under British rule in 1910 than they are under "native" rule in 2010.

  4. "The the three "most lost" countries seem to be the big three of the west ... France, Spain, and the UK."

    Spain? Really? The Spanish have been niggers since before the term was even invented.

  5. Would anyone care if England just submerged beneath the waves? When I think of England what comes to mind are chavs, 1984 police state, Beckham and his ugly orange faced wife(chavs), and a general sexual debauchery.