Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mosque Protesters Go After the Wrong Religion

A group of Muslims is trying to open a mosque on private property a couple blocks away from where the World Trade Center once stood and the Tea Party movement is taking a break from opposing government to protest the mosque and demand that the government DO SOMETHING about it.  That's the solution to everything in modern America: get the government to stop something you find offensive.

Unlike most members of the alternative-right, I don't have a paralyzing fear or hatred of Islam.  Sure, Islamic terrorists killed thousands of Americans on 9/11, but every year America's blacks kill three times as many people in America as Muslims did on 9/11 and yet conservatives don't protest black churches.  (Instead they label the individuals who attend those churches "natural conservatives" despite the fact that they universally vote Democrat.)

I also have a great deal of respect for Muslims and Islam.  While Christians are generally spineless, Muslims are not.  Indeed, they are quite willing to kill people and die for their beliefs.  If you offend Islam, expect all hell to break loose.  If you offend Christianity, pundits will write blog posts complaining about the liberal media and secular humanism.  Islam has also proven to be immune to the liberalism and feminization that infests modern Christianity.

If any religion is a threat to America, it is not Islam, but rather Judaism.  Virtually every left-wing ideology, organization, and cause that has destroyed America over the last fifty years and caused the impending collapse was established or bankrolled by Jews.  The leaders of the second-wave feminist movement were Jews.  The criminal-loving ACLU was founded by Jews.

As was the NAACP.  The civil rights movement in general had a strong Jewish influence, a fact that liberal Jews celebrate.  Affirmative action, black crime, white flight, vibrant cities turned into ghettos, and the destruction of the black family - all of these are ultimately the result of Jewish meddling.

The "culture war" that conservatives used to rant about (I say used to because it seems that conservatives have capitulated in the culture war) was not caused by "secular humanism," but rather the Jewish media. 
The liberal media that conservatives rant about would really be more accurately termed the Jewish media. CBS, NBC, and Disney (the owner of ABC) all have Jewish CEOs, a fact that Jews are proud of. 

Gun control is likewise a movement with considerable Jewish influence.  The two major anti-gun organizations, the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Campaign, are led by Jews.  Look up any article on gun control and there is a high probability that it will be written by a Blum-, Rosen-, -man, -thal, and/or -stein.  It's odd that a people who were disarmed by a dictator and then slaughtered would support gun control, but then again Jewish hypocrisy is nothing new.

Even in the area of foreign policy Jews have been at the forefront of destroying America.  The Muslim terrorists who attacked close to the location conservatives are eagerly "defending" attacked America in part due to our support for Israel.  Our foreign policy in the Middle East is largely Judeocentric and the Iraq War was pushed by a cabal of Jewish neoconservatives as well as their evangelical Christian toadies.

If the useful idiots protesting the Cordoba House rally cared about saving America, instead of  protesting mosques they would protest synagogues.


  1. One criticism at the beginning of the post, as a conservative is perfectly justified in calling on gov't to "do something" which is in its well-defined and limited Constitutional role. That is not hypocrisy.

    But as for the rest of your post. Wow, spot on.

  2. I am on the mailing list of a local group named ChristianNtwk. I received two emails lately claiming Islam is the enemy. I replied to one of them saying maybe Zionism is the enemy along with a link to this post. The director replied back to me and said, "Whoever wrote this is a consummate moron!"

    Remember Jews change their names to hide the fact. Larry Summers' family name was originally Samuelson, George Soros was originally Schwartz. We could go on and on with the name changes.

    Great Post!

  3. Not criticizing the Jews seems to be almost a religion unto itself. The knee jerk reaction that some display even to legitimate concerns delivered dispassionately and diplomatically about Jews shows how deep the brainwashing is. It's especially weird for me to see this on some HDB blogs where they constantly slam NAMs but then cry about antisemitism whenever anyone dares speak out against Jewish influence.

  4. Sagat,

    What is HDB and NAM?

  5. jfr- Zionism isn't the enemy. It is jewish organizations in North America and some in Europe that are attacking Western Civilization.

  6. HBD - Human Biodiversity, i.e., different ethnic groups are often different on a genetic level and in a significant way

    NAM - Non-Asian Minority, a North American term which mainly refers to those of African and meso-American descent

  7. Wow, it's not everyday I get to read an honest-to-goodness anti-Semite. Thanks!

  8. It is great to see someone understand the big picture about exactly who is attacking European Americans. But you forgot about immigration. It is jewish organizations and politicians that have promoted mass non-European immigration and got the laws changed to do just that in the mid 1960's. Professor Kevin MacDonald's paper documented this: (http://www.kevinmacdonald.net/Immigration.pdf)